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Regarded as one of the most beautiful and important pieces of classical Persian literature, Mantiq al-Tayr or The Conference of the Birds is. This illustrated manuscript of Farid al-Din ‘Attar’s mystical poem Mantiq al-Tair ( Language of the Birds) is one of the most important illustrated manuscripts from. Calligrapher: Sultan `Ali Mashhadi (ca–). Author: Farid al-Din `Attar ( ca. –). Object Name: Illustrated manuscript. Date: ca. Geo.

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File:Mantiq al-Tayr, The Language of the Birds, Farid al-Din Attar (detail of cover).jpg

mantia Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hold on a second, a little birdie just landed at my doorstep with a message. I knew immediately they were not there to give us help.

Those assholes at CIA have been trying to deep six my presidency since before the election.

Steve, you ignorant slut. And her fight is our fight.

The cover up began that very day and continues now all these years later. War without end means killing without end and it has to stop.

Mantiq al-Tayr – On Art and Aesthetics

The following page uses this file: The king you praise Is too unknown a goal; my inward gaze Is fixed for ever on that lovely land — There is the goal which I can understand. Bryce we have another caller. Suddenly, without any apparent reason or warning, the helicopter hauled ass out of there like a vampire being exposed to sunlight. Part 1 As the [Israeli] helicopter hovered over us at about fifty feet above the deck, I could see that my worst suspicions had been proven correct. Attar finds his life antithetical to mantia Sufi Way — which is about death to and not extension of the Self.


You know, my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Israel in andand we fulfilled a lifelong dream to bring all of our children to the Holy Land in December of Also go here for another post from a while back about the heroes on that ship. Yet Jared has had a temporary clearance tayf highly classified information for almost a year now despite this obvious trickery.

And he is in that bowl because Trump put him there. Now you can answer this if you want to Bryce. Mueller needs to do his job. Israel-firster Nickki Haley, Friedman tosses out this gem: It is a change decidedly for the better.

It was a lovely fall evening in DC, around mid October. These valleys are as follows:.

The worst of the worst. Manfiq 3 is followed by one of her songs from youtube. By the way, the hundreds of millions the Kushner family owes for have to be paid off by February ofas this article notes: I love the story and the music. Here are a couple of nice quotes from the article: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How does a person handle that type of pressure?


The event was hosted by the utterly completely zionized Mike Pence, who btw, the Democrats want to have replace Trump. The same article notes that he has also had to redo his financial disclosure forms more than once. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Please join with me in the years to come as we continue to strengthen and enhance the tar bonds between these two great nations. Others also noted the weird fact that legislative branch members were actually a part of the Israeli lobby, not just being used by it as voting slaves.

And be as honest as you can Bryce about it. I left out the Marshall Islands.

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Yes, the US somehow managed not to veto UN resolution which, among other things, tells the Israelis to stop fucking around in East Jerusalem.

What mantjq your thoughts on that Bryce? From no more than 75 feet away, I stood like a dumb-ass in an open doorway where they had a clear shot at me. We are the birds in the story.