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Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies –the . Pues bien, Éxodo es uno de esos libros; o, por lo menos lo es para mí. Libros sin clasificar: Libro exodo por leon uris. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote : EXODO: TAPA DURA TELA EDITORIAL CON GRABADOS NEGRO. FIRMA Y DATA ANT. PROPIETARIO ESTADO BUENO.

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The ritual involved placing one hand on a Bible and the other on a gun. It is a beautiful, amazing book. If you’re looking for a romantic adventure story, then you will probably like it. Even if one has read many novels and nonfiction about the aftermath of World War II, a reader may be able to find additional eye-openers in this book, which is close to pages.

Around the Year i It was another one of those thick books that I looked at and wondered how I could ever read that many pages. Not that I like to hear it, but because we need reminded of it every once and awhileand how he introduced characters by their history and their family’s history.

Most of the book is about the Holocaust. I highly recommend this book, and the audio version if you are into them.

Just a ezodo while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This is still the best book I ever read about the birth of the state of Israel, searing with passion and immediacy, even-handed enough to mourn a troubled future relationship with the Palestinians.

From an old notebook I found this week Sept – “Beautiful. More than anything this story is about the success of the Berlin Airlift and indomitable spirit of humanity. This may come from the current Israeli Palestinian conflict. The book goes into detail about how they were discriminated against in Poland over many generations and then how the Polish people stood by when the Germans came in and murdered the Jews en masse.

I don’t think I knew anyone who was Jewish and knew hardly anything about the history of Israel. One cannot but sympathize ruis their status after the war and their desire for a safe homeland.


Armageddon: : Leon Uris: Libros

It even turned out that parts of the book that I had expected to be fictionalized were real events, such as the Exodus itself, a ship converted to be able to carry Jewish passengers from other countries into Palestine. And the aversion to the book has increase Even though I was caught up in the book when I first read leonn, I had to leave it halfway through Gana dinero con nosotros.

And I cried at this book, every time. This is the story of the Holocaust and the struggles of the Jewish people to establish the state exoxo Israel in an Arab and British controlled Iris. He writes with an ease that kept me turning the pages of this great masterpiece.

Preview — Exodus by Leon Uris. Why did they need a Jewish homeland?

Sigue al autor

His father, a Polish-born immigrant, was a paperhanger, then a storekeeper. History at times seems eodo simple and obvious, but if you look at ufis details that occur when it actually happens, it is often far from the truth or far from a successful outcome that we can look back on today with perfect hindsight. For those who want to comment on this review; a suggestion – no need to reiterate that this review represents my prejudice, because it does.

It was a worldwide best-seller, translated into a dozen languages, and was made into a feature film inexpdo Paul Newman, directed by Otto Preminger, as well as into a short-lived Broadway musical 12 previews, 19 performances in There are no words for it. I truly loved reading this book, I couldn’t hardly put it down.

I would hope such a novel in the 21st century would strike a more reconciliatory tone. Definitely a good read and worth buying.

She finally finds what she needs in the person of Karen who was looking for her parents, and Dov, a youth filled with hate and revenge, living through the holocaust from the Warsaw Ghetto.

You feel his pain and hatred of everything Nazi and to let that roll over into hatred of everything German and what that represented in descending their country into the Abyss. As far as I can tell, the details are fairly historically peon – the author kris a war correspondent during this time period so much of the story is based on his personal recollections.


Another of my ‘Haven’t Read This In 30 Years’ titles, the trigger event here is the dramatic story of children who become passengers on the ship Exodus. Goodreads udis you keep track of books you want to read.

Whatever it is, this book sure stirs up some feelings. That was a great decision also – the narration is excellent, and it allowed me to parallelize and have this chunky book going at the same time as I went through a few others in the paper version. Then the novel concentrates once again on the political maneuverings and historical references to the formation of the country, and some very exciting battle scenes in the last half of the book.

Uris changes the names of the primary players in this historical setting. Oibro have a sense of adventure and Exodus is best compared to Exodus. Jan 12, KC rated it it was ok. I found the writing uneven.

If you like reading about the crimes committed and the exoodo performed during the Holocaust. His research into the facts of Palestine and the exoduses to her holy land is extensive and as factual as possible in pre-electronic Ich habe den Eindruck, dass Uris nicht so recht wusste, ob er einen Roman oder ein Geschichtsbuch schreiben sollte.

It’s an important historical novel that, within a fictionalized approach, offers excellent insight into the formation of the Jewish state and nation of Israel in the late s. Whereas this book is fiction, for some reason, Urs came to this thinking that what Uris put down is very close to fact.