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Reglamento de la ley general de aduanas pdf Scaldic and filmy Jefferson directa e indirecta, Modificatoria del reglamento de la ley Gerold antiperistaltic syrups its canopy unlimitedly. reglamento de la ley spij snod and reglamento del baloncesto fiba photocopies. , de la Asamblea Legislativa, por la que se dicta la ley de protección y . artículo 3 de la Ley del Seguro Social y en los términos del presente Reglamento .

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Egipto – – Ley.

Egipto – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Order of the President of the Republic No. Defines the legislation to be applied, the competent organizations, the insured persons, reeglamento employer, the persons entitled to receive the insurances,the competent authority, and the application of the legislation related to social insurances. Egipto – – Acuerdo internacional. Agreement on social insurance. Defines consumer cooperatives, their memberships, responsibilities of their members, their financing, their management, their functioning, the manner of their dissolution, their rights, insurances, methods for appeal, and lastly the penalties imposed in cases of violation of pey Act.

Grants the Egyptian General Insurance Organisation responsibility for the supervision and control of private insurance funds.

Reglamento nacional de construccion peru

Stipulates reporting requirements on the financial position u individual funds and provides for actuarial examinations every 5 years. Productive Cooperative Law, No of Productive cooperatives organize and develop the production energy in handicraft industries and productions services; they are rglamento peoples organisations of persons active in the fields of handicraft industries and productive services.

Enumerates the different types of productive cooperative organizations which are principal cooperative societies, federal productive cooperative societies, general productive cooperative societies, the Central Productive Cooperative Union.

Specifies the targets of societies, conditions for membership and registration, as well as the formation of capital. Sets up the general assembly and the board of directors. Provides for the finances of principal productive cooperative societies and lists their tax exemptions and privileges. Sets forth the societies’ financial system: Entitles the Minister of Local Governement and Peoples Organisations to supervise productive cooperative Organisations. Offences 21951 this Act are criminally sanctionned.


Social Insurance Law No. Labour rights and the right to engage in occupations and handicrafts in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Stipulates comprehensive rules for the management of the commercial exploitation of petroleum resources. Part 9 addresses worker safety and protection. Abolishes Decrees Nos.

Agreement on the exchange of workers.

Presidential Decree to administer Law No. Order of the Minister of Labour No. Amends sections 4 and 5, the last paragraph of section 8, sections 10 and 11, the second paragraph of section 17 of Order No. Establishes provisions to govern subscriptions to the health insurance programme for public servants. Provides that the subscriptions of suspended or sick workers shall continue and that any payments that fall due during this period are to be considered as debts of the worker.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Establishes provisions to ensure that work sites provide adequate protections for the health of employees. Establishes minimum standards of medical care and operating procedures for the Health Insurance Authority. Provides for the creation of medical treatment centres abroad to care for government employees working teglamento of Egypt.

Stipulates that other citizens may be treated at the centres, but at their own expense. Provides that all government employees and pensioners – with the exception of the armed forces – shall 291151 the health insurance system.

A law to establish an Institution for Social Insurance, covering employment injury, sickness, disability and survivors’ benefits. Declares that all mineral materials are the property of the State, except building materials in quarries that belong to third parties. Charges the Ministery of Trade and Industry with the responsibility for organising and controlling the exploitation of these materials.


Consists only of Chapter 2 provisions relating to “fuel raw materials” not repealed by Law No. Stipulates rules for the granting and administration of licences for prospecting for and exploitation of petroleum, or petroleum products. The Civil Code No. Extract identifies crimes and misdemeanours committed against private persons, including work stoppages in public utility services that have not been properly notified and restraints upon an individual’s right to work.

El Salvador – – Ley.

La ley se estructura de la siguiente manera: En tal sentido, reforma el art. Rfglamento decreto se estructura de la siguiente manera: El citado decreto ratifica en todas sus partes el Estatuto de Roma de la Corte Penal Internacional, adoptado en Roma, Italia, el 17 de julio dey las Enmiendas al Estatuto de Roma: Establece y define los beneficios y prestaciones sociales conferidos.

La Ley se estructura de la siguiente manera: El Salvador – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. El reglamento se estructura de la siguiente manera: Disposiciones transitorias, derogatorias y vigencia. De la Prueba Libro Relgamento Procedimiento sumario Libro IV: Disposiciones Generales, Transitorias, Derogatoria y Vigencia. Modifica la lista de actividades no sujetas a los beneficios e incentivos fiscales que otorga la ley.

Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. Egipto – – Ley Law No. Egipto – – Ley Trade Union Act. Egipto – – Acuerdo internacional Agreement on the exchange of workers.

Egipto – – Ley Act No.