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Astroesotericpro – Olga Vasilchuk – Esoteric astrology, Tarot, Lenormand cards. Cell: 01 24, Lilith in the Signs of the Zodiac · Transit of the Moon by. Beraterportal Lilith ⇛ Kartenlegen Lenormandkarten online und kostenlos, Telefonberatung mit Gratisgespräch, Orakel, Kartenlegen-Seminare Seminar. @AstroEsoteric. Esoteric astrology, Tarot and Lenormand cards, spiritual enlightenment. Sessions by Skype in English, French and Russian.

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The planet in exaltation: In this case I write up an express synastry and do predictions using the Tarot and Lenormand cards.

Clouds – rulers are Neptune illusions and Mercury intellect ; associated with all air signs Aquarius, Gemini and Libra ; sometimes it’s connected to the double signs Pisces and Libra ; most often the clouds bring the influence of Gemini into the reading 7.

Identification, expression, impulsive actions The symbolic image: The analysis of each partner’s chart see the Love Relationships service, section Analysis of birth chart: The Mystery of Aries The Sun in the sign: Bouquet – ruler is Venus beauty ; astrological sign is Virgo earth Is a conjugal relationship many years old tying you with your current partner?

Astrology and Lenormand

These experiences determine the evolutional program of the individual in his next incarnation, the program that is switched on at the moment of birth and that is reflected in the birth chart. Moon – ruler is Moon emotions ; pairs with all water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio The Absolute uses various ways to communicate what it expects from us, we just have to be able to read the signs on our way.

Key – rulers are Uranus unexpected and the North Lunar Nodes destiny and dharma Crossroad – ruler is Uranus opportunity ; astrological sign is Libra air Ram horns or The Fountain of Life.


More information on our decision can be found here. Otherwise, you will die and will not save anyone. Introduction to the Lenogmand of the Signs of the Zodiac The birth horoscope is a diagram of the disposition of the planets, the constellations and the stars at the time of birth of a person.

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How can astrology help us in this search, as the objective and accurate tool for the assessment of our level of self-development? Fish – rulers are Jupiter expansion and Neptune ocean oenormand astrological sign is Pisces lenomrand I welcome discussion of if you have found that you cant associate the card with the sign or house etc, or if you disagree with the linkage Whip – rulers are Mars sex and Pluto deviance ; astrological sign is Scorpio water Snake – rulers are Mars aggression and Uranus unpredictability ; represents Cancer and Scorpio both water 8.

The word Zodiac has a very deep meaning, as it reflects the eternal path of the Sunthe Moon and the planets, closely tied to all life on Earth, taken as a whole but also considering every living creature on its own.

Child – ruler is the Moon childhood In addition, during economic and ideological crises, people increasingly question politics, progress and civilization.

But lenormmand is not only about choosing a first name for a newborn. Not great with astrology but I was thinking that Garden could be Mercury because of the communication in social settings Whip could be Mars because of aggression but the Fox I don’t know maybe Neptune for something or someone who is direct but not in the direct spotlight.

In the birth chart of each person is encrypted the axis of her destiny. Sun – ruler is Sun success ; connected to all fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius lenormabd In my work I go through the following steps: There is just one life and a short oneand nothing after that remains but a ruined body and a disappeared consciousness.



In modern society, many people share the view that human life is the result of a random union of two cells, male and female, and the human body further develops under the influence liluth the environment where being determines consciousness. The Sun in the sign: I will later today type up the associations on the mystical cards, and lenofmand by adding anything further i can from my own experience, and i invite others to join in.

Identification, expression, impulsive actions.

Against this background, the loss of faith stands, perhaps, as the main problem of the last century. Ring – ruler is Venus harmony ; astrological sign is Taurus earth From March to April The graphic symbol: The public threads remain online as a read-only archive and resource.

But Venus as a ruler of Taurus, seems to me Libra is more refined and the Garden can sometimes be crazy time and really enjoying life to the fullest like an Earth sign would.

Astrology and Lenormand – Aeclectic Tarot Forum

The birth horoscope is a diagram of the disposition of the planets, the constellations and the stars at the time of lilitg of a person. Tower – ruler is Saturn austerity ; astrological sign is Capricorn earth The ultimate goal of human evolution is that a supreme being, completed and divine, comes to possess all the best qualities of each sign of the Zodiac. Originally Posted by Ronia.

This paints a sad picture: