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KirchMedia owned broadcasting and TV rights of Germany’s largest Football Club, The Bundesliga. Going down of Kirch in , right ahead of. COLOGNE, Germany – Leo Kirch, the German mogul who built one of the part of a wider campaign financing scandal as well as various Byzantine But given Kirch’s powerful position in the German media market, they. Leo Kirch, who built one of the biggest German media empires from scratch before losing it all in a bankruptcy, died on Thursday in Munich.

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It would be inappropriate to talk of schadenfreude, but on a national stage Stoiber has to accept responsibility.

Struggling to understand how fate has conspired against him to commit such an act, the circus strongman turns to the sea for an answer. Last month the construction group Holzmann and the scandxl manufacturer Dornier also filed for insolvency.

But analysts say that its strategy was flawed from the start. And by the end of March, Kirch has to buy rival media group Axel Springer’s If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article.

Sources close to Kirch confirm it mediz talking to the car makers involved in grands prix, and there is a distinct possibility that they will be interested. Even the drastic measure of shutting loss-making divisions such as its pay-TV operation, Premiere, carry huge problems.

View a machine-translated version of the German article. Christmas sales were said to have been dreadful, while Premiere has resolutely failed to add to its base of 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Borrowing money from his wife’s family, he purchased exclusive German rights for the Italian movie La strada in Other legal obligations confuse the issue further.


Decline and fall of Kirch empire | Media | The Guardian

KirchMedia declared bankruptcy on 8 April Throw in an angry widow, mwdia cameos from Rupert Murdoch and Bernie Ecclestone, a meddling German Chancellor and armies of litigious lawyers and the script seems absurd. Kirch was the owner of the first private channel, Sat. The UK Government debt total is now Kohl arranged the creation of commercial television as one of his first official acts as Chancellor in ; this allowed Kirch to own a TV station and sports broadcasting rights.

In these difficulties came to a head and KirchMedia declared itself insolvent on April 8. Views Read Edit View history. This was consistent with trends happening across much of Europe at the same time.

Germany rocked by Kirch collapse

There were suggestions that BSkyB might accept a bigger stake in some part of Kirch, but Murdoch seems to have turned against this, having been unable to value the business through the group’s impenetrable accounts. Unfortunately for 75 year old Leo Kirch, the massive problems facing his German media empire, with interests spanning newspapers, magazines, TV and film are frighteningly real. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat An ageing media mogul scrambles to save his near-bankrupt business after paying too much for the broadcast rights to Formula One and the next two World Cups.

An almost blind diabetic who recently underwent heart surgery, he faces a punishing battle. The insolvency process is expected to last three months and will see court-appointed lawyers try to raise money to save the company. If the business falls there will be blood on the carpet at many of Europe’s biggest banks, which recklessly lent it billions. Kirch suffered from diabetes and a heart condition, becoming partially blind as a result.


The World Cup broadcasting rights may change hands just a month before the tournament begins. Many programs also aired on Premiere at the same time that they aired on terrestrial television. Articles to be expanded from April All articles to be expanded Articles needing translation from German Wikipedia.

Even during this decade there were reports of the group being on the edge of insolvency.

Leo Kirch – Wikipedia

Kirch’s fate is now out of its founder’s hands. Kirch cannot afford such a luxury. Dornier falls victim to US terror attacks.

After completing scansal school, he studied marketing and management as well as mathematics at the University of Munichgraduating in For more guidance, see Wikipedia: Kirch himself withdrew itself from the enterprise, but kept up participation mfdia the Swiss arms on his business, transferring sports broadcasting rights to the subsidiary. The main character, Zampano, kills a love rival in a jealous rage.

The sport’s governing body, the FIA, can withdraw them if it believes a sale would harm the sport. Retrieved from ” https: Germany is in recession and Kirch’s collapse is the third major bankruptcy in three weeks.