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Johane Masowe yechishanu Zimbabwe. K likes. Kudzidzisana, nekuvakana ne kudzorana pachinamato Tiri kumasowe echishanu akauya nemutumwa Baba . Holy Man in Central Africa This is a featured page. THE GREATEST HOLY MAN BORN IN CENTRAL AFRICA It was on the first October of Johane Masowe is one of the pioneering and most prominent founders of Independent African Churches in Zimbabwe. He is the founder of the Gospel of God.

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It came to be with the Religion. Why did Jesus want to leave or send the Holy Spirit when the God- inspired scriptures were already there?

The spirit of Johane Masowe descends on Shashe

So how can such a man with such immense divine powers have read one, let alone four bibles as claimed by Bishop Chikosi? Feb 25, Those who want to learn more about Chishanu should therefore consult vatendi who frequent or fellowship at any of these three Spiritual Countries. Father John strongly persisted, that certainly true believers shall escape the great and dreadful of the lord; which had been foretold by nearly all prophets but with unique clarity by Malachi the prophet: Joshua 2 April at And after 9 months masowwe gave birth, idont get this please help.

Observe you that the planets of the solar system, and the planets of other solar systems, of which the stars are the suns, were made simply to adorner little earth.

How can God reveal Himself to Himself? The Holy Spirit tells us kuMasowe that for the promised King of Kings Jesus to be born, the house of Israel had to be a free nation not under servitude in Egypt.


Masowe, Johane

Men sit at the johanf and women and children behind, all dressed masow white and barefoot. One can further indulge in reading John Abraham is recognised as Baba veChinamato because through his prayers, everything else was born and fulfilled.

Carry on with the good work. The Truth vs Myths and Lies. Mutumwa Johane Masowe was and is not at par with Jesus, Christians get this right.

He believed in direct revelation from God, as opposed to the mediation of white people or African ancestors. I never wanted to post an article. You showed maturity of the maaowe and contact. Back ina couple of prominent figures in the scattered assemblies came up with a suggestion that they spare time at least once joyane year so that all believers from all assemblies can meet for at least a week and pray. Had the Holy Spirit possessed a noble man maybe many Christian followers toady would be kuMasowe.

Magical flower torments family. Did you not hear me speaking with Father? Later on after a process of months he said, My father instructed me to eat rice, pumpkins and fish.

Was this page useful? Masimba Musodza 24 July at Baba johani vakati ivo huyao tinamate kumasowe ndokuti kana wafa unenge uinemwenje wekuenda kudenga ndozvakadiwa na baba kudenga kuti usu vatema tinamate manamatiro iwaya saka ndinoti kuna jowani wakaitabasa wakatipa nzira grooo.

Johane Masowe Way of Worshipping and Life: The Truth vs Myths and Lies – Nehanda Radio

Moses did profoundly hard work under extremely difficult circumstance. By the end joahne the s, Masowe moved to Bulawayo, the capital of the Ndebele-speaking people, who are traditional enemies of the Shona-speaking peoples. Some of those at the assembly in Nevanji, out of adventure and mischief, started making wooden carvings and designs with crosses representing crucifixion. All ancient Prophets prophesied about His birth and His might.


At times he would draw the keys of heaven on a piece of paper and surprisingly later they would turn into real iron keys; and therefore this caused much amazement to us. This keeps the family intact.

Wakuru Wedzino nyika munondida Wenyi, munoramba Mwari wenyu muchida Satani – which means: The purpose of Father John visiting this chief, was due to his preparations for journeying to Johannesburg in South Africa; whereby therefore this masowf would provide him with relevant testimonials and documents for security purposes as is usual when anybody travels from one country to the other.

They have ears but hear nothing. I did not research, but maybe Christians may know of a miracle s that came from Heaven following use of miracle oil. Their pilgrimage to Zambia was aborted, they had to go back to Nevanji, Mhondoro, to meet the Visitor send by God. Jack Masedza and Efie Masedza. He had the Holy Spirit. Yes, Christians do ask questions around this about Masowe.

You cannot have the Holy Spirit as a Living Word, and a written record, as a living word at the same time.