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The Shelters of Stone opens as Ayla and Jondalar, along with their animal friends, Wolf, Whinney, and Racer, complete their epic journey across Europe. : The Shelters of Stone (Earth’s Children, Book 5) () : Jean M. Auel: Books. The Shelters of Stone [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After their epic journey across Europe, Ayla and Jondalar have.

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Retrieved from ” http: Echozar at least is pacified by Ayla’s own story and by his Echozar’s own marriage to JoplayaJondalar’s half-sister. The Land of Painted Caves. The series has gone from one of my favorite books Clan of the Cave Bear to something I almost didn’t finish.

Every character has the same reaction to her, verbatim. Ayla is accepted sotne his people, well most of them. I am not a prude by any means but these books are supposed to be historical fiction not creepy ice age erotica. This article is a stub.

The Empathy Problem Gavin Extence. The birth of Ayla and Jondalar’s long-awaited baby is supposed to be the big climax of the book, but it only takes up a handful of pages, and Ayla aufl the n easily and promptly names it the most dull and uninventive name possible, without ceremony.

Anyhow the couple needs to rest after the endless hardships of traveling together, Ayla wants to stay and belong, the teenager is desperate, having no people of her own, her man Or cry thinking about how many trees this piece of sh! They even make their homes in limestone cliffs! Nov 10, Stef rated it it was ok.

Although very annoying, Jondalar and Ayla are forced to repeat over and over again how she tamed the animals, how to use flint to start a fire, how the spear thrower works and was invented, and how flatheads aren’t animals.

When the Music’s Over Peter Robinson. This compelling new novel confirms Graham Norton’s status as a fresh, literary voice, bringing his clear-eyed understanding of human nature and its darkest flaws.

Inspired dhelters Your Browsing History. There have been so many people hoping she would write one more to clean up some loose …more From stonee I have seen, Auel says Painted Caves is the last book. This thing is seven pages long and is repeated about five times throughout ajel book another handy page fillersometimes broken up by the thoughts of Ayla about a particular verse, just to spell out to the readers thr case we’re too thick to get the blindingly obvious parallels Auel is trying to draw between Ayla and the earth mother goddess.


Ayla is a Mary Sue, but this allows her to be ahel on various aspects of caveman life religious ceremonies, tribal meetings, heelings, hunting parties without jarring point-of-view switches, which helps narrative flow. Having read the whole series Jean Auel is at her very best in this superbly textured creation of a prehistoric society.

The Shelters of Stone

But it changes people. The truth drifts out to sea, riding the waves out of sight.

No one must be allowed to rival perfect Ayla, so, guess what, Jondalar finds when he arrives that in his absence Zolena has become extremely fat, so she cannot possibly be any kind of challenger to Ayla for Jondalar’s affection. From the long, detailed introductions which are repeated numerous times throughout the novelto the multiple references to how she trained the horses, found the firestones, was raised by the Clan, gained her knowledge of healing herbs, etc the book is just a long litany of what has occurred in the previous books.

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The Shelters of Stone | Earth’s Children | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I do not need to hear about Ayla’s “folds” and “hard nodule” or Jondalar’s “tumescent manhood”. Ayla’s full recital of connections is particularly pompous.

Just be ready to do some page-flipping. When you create an account with us, you’ll be able to save your favourite books, make a wishlist of upcoming titles, receive newsletters about books you’ll love, get recommendations tailored to you and sheltera our books directly.

The only shelter he turns down performing First Rites is because his massive dong would scare off the young virgins and NO ONE could take him all. Although the book is based thousands of years ago, with a few minor changes it could be a story about life today and overcoming adversity.


All these elements were explained in detail in previous books. It is an insult to call the other characters “characters”. This book was the fifth in a buy-four-get-one-free at the library book sale. A powerful, very sad story, beautiful writing, two time frames that are perfectly balanced. Much to the dismay of some, Ayla and Jondalar desire to be joined and eventually have a child. Book ratings by Goodreads.

Yet, I still like it oc a way because it sets up the conclusion of her series. They are long and detailed books, and you should plan on devoting your full attention to each of them as missing just a few details can mean you won’t understand what is going on. Jean, I hope you read all these reviews and take them to heart.

The Shelters of Stone is a sweeping story of love and danger, with all the wonderful detail—based on meticulous research— that makes her novels unique. Danny Allen is not on the safe side. Hmmm, perhaps I liked it a little bit, if only for the familiarity of characters i have gotten to know and hate! Retrieved from ” https: I wished so many times that he would fall off a cliff or chop off his hand or break his dong on Ayla’s “petals of perfection”.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. I’ve read fan fiction better written than this. Some fear Ayla’s unfamiliar ways and her relationship with the Clan, openly opposing her union with Jondalar. We are experiencing technical difficulties. But her unique spiritual gifts cannot shelterw ignored, and even as she gives birth to their eagerly-awaited child, she is coming to accept that she has a greater role to play in the destiny of the Zelandonii.

Shelrers you have the fact that inevitably at some point, Ayla’s past, being raised by Neanderthals and giving birth to a half-Neanderthal, half-Cro Magnon son, would have to come out.