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So i took the hex rondoshat eep files from the repository and it works like a charm. Wer was committen will muss freigeschaltet werden. Bug on motor calibration is on “manual callibration”.

It have big priority for me at this moment. The ‘normal’ version without RFM12 works ok. But in principle not a bad idea to use a level shifter plus a special protocol. The important differences between HR20 and Thermotronic are: A better way would be to use a rfm12 wireless connection.

OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

Therefore we have time bedenungsanleitung thinking about it. But i do not understand the result. If anybody here has Expression Blend and has experience with good design, may contact me.

We don’t know how to set it via serial line, how to bugug problematic situation etc. In my implementation i had an additional byte “flags” with several useful values contains ReceiverAddress, LoBatt, IsEncrypted Where is your position where valve start opening? I measured it from 22nd march at Don’t worry about eeprom layout change.

Hmm, you’re right about the risks of an external module, but I thought it could be easier to connect a cable to the pin connector but put the module inside.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

One more thing worries me about the RFM12 is that, according to its datasheet, its lowest working voltage is 2. Blinking segment indicate with values is on view. Enable slave receivers twice every minute for few miliseconds is too expensive battery life. I used the Makefile from the repo with only one little modification: I am not wery experienced with Windows and have no license so I really would prefer a Linux based development platform. What is a SW? How can I check? Ulder mobile phones don’t have USB and this cable not contain level changer for RS line, but use 3.


I use at the moment Rev. Turning this feature off reduced my problems, however I did not even know it had this feature as I had to open the pump to get to some small dip switches to control this. Is the project state as described on on the wiki page up to date? Yes, we can use XTEA encryptor on feedback mode to generate key to encrypt data. But is was unstable solution.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

bedienungeanleitung I suspect rather that the SDO line indicates the “ready to send next byte” TX flow control event to early, multiple times, I2C have some problems.

Problem is not energy for send data it is small. The overheating was my fault, your question was the right hint: It is significant if you have childens. Wie bekomme ich mein Rondostat umprogrammiert? HR20 will transmit packet with packet key generated from hash PK1 -step 1: Es muss ein anderer Quarz ins Board!


Bin mittlerweile auch im Besitz eines solchen Reglers. Concerning a new regulator model, I have unfortunately no experience and would have to do a lot of experimenting and development goneywell to get something reasonable to work.

Reason is RAM size needed for buffers. I was make mistake in my test. I was try to add hysteresis which allows deviation before trying to regulate. So it was very hot but the valve was full open!

I did this by using if – endif stuctures to make the code working for HR20 as well. Does it use its individual settings then? In line of keyboard.

So far that to the conditions I have. Have you got chance to test an RFM12 at something like 2. It is strange, that diffence between this two values is bigger than 1.

I understand that if the master is running, it takes full control. If the HR20 is powered by NiMh batteries, the voltage may be blow that when there is still half capacity left.

But on simulator you can manualy change pin status when SW is stoppend, or you can create input files, see to atmel docs. According to the datasheet I think the extra overhead eondostat be about us.