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If we explore the Swedish culture through the lens of the 6-D Model©, we can get a good overview of the deep drivers of Swedish culture relative to other world. If we explore French culture through the lens of the 6-D Model©, we can get a good overview of the deep drivers of France’s culture relative to other world. Please select a country in the dropdown menu below to see the values for the 6 dimensions. After a first country has been selected, a second and even a third.

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Researchers can use them without asking for permission. A highly selective worldwide network of culture and management consultants with extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices.

When working in international companies, managers may provide training to their employees to make them sensitive to cultural differences, develop nuanced business practices, with protocols across countries.

The 6 dimensions of national culture

A Feminine society is one where quality of hlfstede is the sign of success and standing out from the crowd is not admirable. They just give a structured reflection of reality.

So, in order to be able to have respectful cross-cultural relations, we have to be aware of these cultural differences. NonOfficial VSM08 scores 01 The ecological cultuurr in national culture research. Decisions taken have to be based on the country’s customs and values. Indulgence versus Restraint IND Indulgence stands for a society that allows relatively free gratification of basic and natural human drives related to enjoying life and having fun. To avoid this fallacy and resulting confusion Brewer and Venaik recommend avoiding the use of the Hofstede dimension scores in management research and training.


Country Comparison – Hofstede Insights

Together, they have four sons: Often these are also studies with a very limited number of countries. After leaving the military he worked in industry from tostarting as a factory hand in Amsterdam. Hofstede acknowledges that the cultural dimensions he identified, as culture and values, are theoretical constructions. Read more Hofstede’s dimensions were not postulated but found inductively. Even if it used the same questions, these questions might have come to mean different things.


And this is also valid for written communication as explained in William Wardrobe’s essay “Beyond Hofstede: As a trained psychologist, he began his analysis of the survey data he had collected at IBM at the individual respondent level.

The theory has been widely used in several fields as a paradigm for research, fultuur in cross-cultural psychologyinternational management, and cross-cultural communication. Uncertainty Avoidance The dimension Uncertainty Avoidance has to do with the way that a society deals with the fact that the future can never be known: In the scores for this dimension have been extended to 93 countries thanks to the research of Michael Minkov who used the recent World Values Survey.

France scores high 63 in this dimension, making it pragmatic. Not so in France.

National Culture – Hofstede Insights

Retrieved 21 November This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Inthe Hanze University Groningenthe Netherlands established the Geert Hofstede Lecture, a bi-annual conference in the area of intercultural communication. In societies with low Power Distance, people strive to equalise the distribution of power and demand justification for inequalities of power.

For d’Iribarne, Hostede simply presumes that showing high stress at work correlates with weak uncertainty avoidance, while d’Iribarne asserts that the presence of high stress could just as readily indicate high stress results from high uncertainty avoidance, since no external control exists in low uncertainty avoidance cultures. In business it is commonly agreed that communication is one of the primary concerns.

Centre for Intercultural Learning. The need to make a strong distinction between work and private life is even stronger in France than in the US, despite the fact that the US scores higher on Individualism.

The French combination of a high score on Power Distance and a high score on Individualism is rather unique. The country scores on the dimensions are relative, in that we are all human and simultaneously we are all unique. Self-expression and individualism increase with economic growth Inglehart,independent of any culture, and they are vital in small populations faced with outside competition for resources. Cultural applications for communication with Latin American Businesses”.


Researchers who cannot live with that range can use modified data that we prepared. The six-dimension model is very useful in international marketing because it defines national values not only in business context but in general. Between andhe executed a large survey study regarding national values differences across the worldwide subsidiaries of this multinational corporation: Married couples of high society could go public with a lover without negative consequences, at least certainly in the past.

Within and across countries, individuals are also parts of organizations such as companies. He was struck by the cultural differences he noticed between England and the Netherlands, two very close European countries. Like the power index, the individualism and collectivism surveys scatter countries according to predictable economic and demographic patterns Triandis, [ full citation needed ]so they might not really inform us at all about any particular organizational dynamic, nor do they inform about the organizational and individual variations within similar socio-economic circumstances.

In other words, culture can only be used meaningfully by comparison. They are tools meant to be used in practical applications.

There is also a need for emotional safety valves as a high score on Uncertainty Avoidance and the combination of high Power Distance and high Individualism strengthen each other, so to speak. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best, sometimes a disaster, but always present like the cultuurr we breathe.