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Book | Ibn ‘Ata Allah: Hikam – Aphorisms الإمام ابن عطاء الله السكندري: الحكم By Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandari: → · Arabic: الحكم العطائية PDF (with tashkil). AI-Hikam of Ibn Atta’illah. English Translation & Arabic Text. Page 2. EDgUsh translation of selected wisdoms from A!-Hikam of Ibn AUa ‘Wah. I. One of the signs. Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari Or click here for a PDF of the original Arabic text. The Book of Wisdom (Kitab al-hikam) is a masterpiece of Islamic spiritual.

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Full text of “Kitab Al Hikam Of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic”

Where were you when His special concern and care took charge of you? And in such a state, take what is in agreement with [external] knowledge. Other people gain an illumined heart and as result perform dhikr. Then, He makes them see His attributes. Realise your weakness and He will strengthen you with His power.

Your Lord is amused by a people who are pushed to Paradise in chains. And how can he who is unable to free himself of a pressing need free someone else of one? The trials that arrive in this world are but reminders to you of what you ignore of indigence. The former ihkam to their lights, whereas the lights belong to the latter, for they belong to God and to nothing iibn from Him.

Kitab Al Hikam Of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

For others, dhikr and illumination are simultaneous; this last group has dhikr which guides and lights which are followed. Those traveling the Path under a teacher experience these things in the reverse order. And He made your lower self move you [to do bad] so that your approaching and repenting to Him would never cease. Rather, go from creatures to the Creator: The lover is not he who expects his beloved to spend on him. J 84 84 When he opens up your understanding of deprivation, deprivation becomes the same as giving.

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Many a time He accepts an act whose fruit you do not taste now. For has He accustomed you to anything but what is good? hikak

Rather, we hurl the truth at falsehood; so, it knocks it out until falsehood vanishes. He knows of the existence of weakness in you, so He made the number of ritual prayers small; and He knew iibn your need of His grace, so He multiplied their fruitful results.

Jsa, dill 3 U:! Or when was it that He became distant that created things themselves will unite us to Him? THe eye of the intellect makes you witness your nonbeing as due to His Being.

His attributes point to His Entity since it is impossible for an attribute to be existent all by itself. For what knowledge is there in a self-satisfied scholar? And sometimes a short life is extremely fruitful.

Subjects of divine attraction have His Entity revealed to them.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

I llki J 0 I o 55 56 Light is the army of the heart, just as darkness is the army of the soul. The elect seek the veiling of disobedience out of the fear of falling from the sight of God, the True King. When you witness Him, created things are with you. But, each experiences the stages slightly differently.


For only the rightful duty seems hard for it. And He does not make any one reach His friends except he whom He wishes to make reach Him. And your feeling sad for losing other than Him is a proof that you have not reached Him.

And whoever loves Him does not prefer anything over Him.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic |

In the grace of God and in His mercy, in that they should rejoice. Or how inb it desire to jllah the Presence of God while it has not yet purified itself of the stain of forgetfulness?

And why it has been said: He does that for the voyagers because they have not realised sincerity toward God in those works; and He does that for those united with Him because He makes them absent from contemplating those states by contemplating Him.

Your requesting someone else is on account of your distance from Him.

You know not which of them is nearer in benefit to you.