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SEMELE. Music by George Frideric Handel. Based on a Libretto by William Congreve. Study Guide for Pacific Opera Victoria’s Production. Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric) .. Based on a libretto for an English opera ca after Ovid’s Metamorphoses, with added texts from Alexander. Title page of word-book to Semele. Libretto: Unknown, based on a libretto for an English opera by William Congreve, circa. , from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

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The Priests and Augurs proclaim that the omens for the marriage seem propitious, but Semele has been inventing one excuse after another to delay the wedding because she is secretly in love with Jupiter. George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas.

Jupiter, recognising that Semele has dangerous ambition, transforms the palace to Arcadia, charms her with its pastoral delights, and magically summons her sister Ino to keep her company. Handel and Hendrix House.

Retrieved 9 August Work Title Semele Alt ernative. The scene discovers Semele under a canopy, leaning pensively, while a mournful symphony is playing. As the Cloud which contains Jupiter is arrived just over the Canopy of Semele, a sudden and great Flash of Lightning breaks forth, and a Clap of loud Thunder is heard; when at one instant Semele with the Palace and the whole present Scene disappear, and Jupiter re-ascends swiftly.


Why did she wish?

Priests are in their Solemnities, as after a Sacrifice newly offer’d: Later, on 1 and 8 DecemberHandel presented a revised version, this time at the King’s Theatre, after cutting four sections of dialogue containing sexual innuendo and making additions that included interspersed arias in Italian for the opera crowd from Arminio and Giustino.

Semele ran for just four performances initially, with two further performances in December of the same year. Far off his Lightnings scorch me.

Semele eagerly accepts this advice. Jupiter reluctantly agrees but his thunderbolts burn and consume Semele.

Endless pleasure Gavotte Act I, Scene 4, no. How long must I endure? What would my Sister? Editor Friedrich Chrysander Athamas See, she blushing turns her Eyes: Athamas apart Thy aid, Pronubial Juno, Athamas implores.

For his next work, Handel turned away from Old Testament texts to Greek mythology.

Semele, HWV 58 (Handel, George Frideric)

Jupiter O Semele, Why art thou thus insensible? Javascript is required for this feature. He arrives, in human form, reassures her of his fidelity, and reminds her that she is only mortal and needs time to rest between their bouts of lovemaking.

Cadmus See from above the bellying Clouds descend, And big with some new Wonder this way tend. Semele awakes and regrets that the dream she was having of being with her lover has ended Aria: She looks up and sees Jupiter descending in a cloud; flashes of lightning issue from either side, and thunder is heard grumbling in the air.


Whence cou’d proceed such Tenderness? The God of Sleep lying on his Bed.

All celebrate the fortunate outcome Chorus: Flames arise from the Altar, and the Statue of Juno is seen to bow. Celestial Graces I discover in each Feature! Elisabeth Duparc “La Francesina”.

Semele (Handel) – Wikipedia

Speak— Ino Thou hast undone me. The chorus of Loves and Zephyrs sing of lovers’ joys Chorus: Athamas can see she is upset, without guessing why, and he can feel for her in her distress because he is upset too Aria: As a result, in the early s, oratorios at the Covent Garden Theatre seemle George Frideric Handel ‘s chief activity.

Happy, happy shall we be. She does her Passion own.

Arrangements from the Scores of the Great Masters, Vol. Juno and Iris descend in different machines.

For the opera by Ecclessee Semele Eccles. Cease, cease your vowswhich all do except for Athamas, in despair at his wedding being cancelled, and Ino, oibretto in love with him Aria: