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Guiera senegalensis is a semi-evergreen to evergreen shrub, usually growing 1 – 3 metres tall, with occasional specimens up to 5 metres. The whole plant is. Guiera senegalensis is an evergreen Shrub growing to m (8ft) by m (8ft) at a slow rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) Suitable for: light (sandy) and medium. Guiera senegalensis J. F. Gmel. [family COMBRETACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa.

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These steroids have antibacterial effects [ 32 guierx, and are important because of its relationship with steroid hormones such as sex hormones estrogen and testosterone [ 33 ]. Antioxidant activities of extracts from selected culinary herbs and spices. Phytochemical and pharmacological study of roots and leaves of Guiera senegalensis J.

Guiera senegalensis Moshi medicine, guier du Senegal PFAF Plant Database

The root is used to wash new baby naps, to render them soft and shining. The percentage of inhibition effect was calculated according to following equation:.

It also provides useful information for pharmacological activities associated with free radical s. The results of antioxidant activity of extracts from Guiera senegalensis are summarized in Table 2.

The leaves are fed to cows to fatten them, and to increase fertility and milk production. Anti-Lipid peroxidation Anti-LPO of rat liver expressed as percentage of inhibition at a concentration of 1. As soon as the emulsion was added senegalesis each tube, the zero time absorbance was measured at nm using a spectrophotometer. Senetalensis extract was also used in the folk medicine in other countries and found to be giuera against leprosy, fever, and was helpful against increased blood pressure and high blood sugar levels [ 5 ].


The flowers are a good source of nectar for bees. In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activity of aqueous extract from Choerospondias axillaris fruit. It is considered an indicator of overgrazing. The dried leaves are smoked in a pipe and the smoke is blown through the nose as a remedy for colds[ ]. The galls of Guiera senegalensis were collected in kadiogo province of Burkina Faso in August and authenticated by professor Millogo-Rasolodimby, botanist at Ouagadougou University.

The products of 5-lipoxygenase including leukotrienes LTs constitute an important class senfgalensis inflammatory mediators of asthma and various inflammatory diseases, contribute to vascular changes in inflammation Li et al.

Its uses are comparable to those of Combretum micranthum G.

Guiear read the image? Retrieved November 6, The powdered leaves are mixed with food as a general tonic and blood restorative after any exhausting condition, and especially given to women after childbirth to promote the flow of milk[ ].

Botanical characterization of Guiera senegalensis leaves.

Inhibition of XO activities decreases the uric acid levels and results in an anti-hyperuricemic effect Zhu et al. It, therefore, is important to senegalehsis traditional medicinal plants to assess, gjiera scientific methodologies, their properties, safety, and efficiency of treatment, and the optimum dose [ 21 ].

The senegalsnsis of alkaloids, tannin and saponins found in guieea present study agree with that reported guierx Ref. The fruit and leaves are common ingredients in more or less ceremonial prescriptions for strengthening and preventing disease in young children[ ]. Cookies help us deliver our services. Also more research needed to evaluate the potential effectiveness of the crude extracts as the antimicrobial agents. Screening of some Nigerian medicinal plants for antibacterial activity.


The ability of the extracts or fractions to reduce iron from the form III to the form II was assessed with the method of Hinneburg et al.

Tropical Africa – drier areas from Senegal to Sudan. Five grams of the plant powder was placed in a beaker containing ml. If you have important information about this plant that may help guiwra users please add a comment or link below.

Antioxidant activity of sesame cake extract. DPPH method is independent of the substrate polarity. On the other hand, the toxicity test, which was conducted by using brine shrimp, suggests that Gs leaves extract is apparently not toxic. Regression equations and coefficients of correlation between the totals phenolic and the inhibition of XO and LOX activities by extracts and fractions are represented on Fig.

In the Sudan, Gs is locally known as Ghubaysh of which the leaves extract and the roots powder are used for treatment of a variety and diseases and wounds, respectively.

Mohammed SY Quantitative phytochemical and elemental analysis of Guiera senegalensis leaf extract. You will receive a range of benefits including: