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GOSSEN. GOSSEN. Erlangen. Attachment for. LUNASIX 3. Printed in Germany. e microphotographs. (The following instructions assume that you are. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter. Lunasix light meters are also labelled Luna-Pro in some parts. You have an older device from GOSSEN? Here you can find the corresponding operating instructions for previous devices in the field of LUNASIX.

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Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix?

I have lubasix Lunasix light meter but have no instruction manual. I recently download a instruction manual for Lunasix 3 from http: Can anybody tell me where to get the manual for Lunasix?

Gossen Profisix / Lunasix F – – The free camera encyclopedia

Try Bogen, they’re very good about supplying older manuals. Keep this site quiet, please folks, because many of these useful web resources get taken down by spiteful companies that can’t be bothered to put their old manuals online themselves, but will move heaven and earth to stop other people providing that service for free. HI, Art I am using 2 pcs.


It might be the reason why I got the much higher light value. But there is another big problem that I can not fix it that is the needle can never be tested to the zero position.

Gossen Lunasix Instruction Manuals

I follow the manual of Lunasix 3 to test zero position of the indicator needle. I took out the battery, press the range selector forward or backward, then I turn the zero adjustment screw on the backside of Lunasix while holding down the range selector. The needle mabual swing to the left of the scale, but it never can reach to the check line zero line – the very left end line on the scale.

When I kept turning the zero screw clockwise, the manhal swinged to the left, then it swing back to the right.

Gossen Lunasix3 System exposure meter user manual, instruction booklet

It never reached to the gosseh line zero line. Even I turned the zero screw counter-clockwise, it happened the same way, the needle just swing back and forth, but never reached to the zero line, it reached to 4 of the low light scale, and 13 of the high light scale.


That is the maximum the needle can reach to the left. I wondered what wrong with my Lunasix. Is gosen because the batteries or the needle not properly set to zero position?

And I supposed it came from not properly set to zero. Hi, Pete Many thanks for your advice and help. I get this web site to download the manual for Lunasix. Can you give me an advice why my meter can not be positioned zero properly?

Where to get the users instruction manual for Gossen Lunasix?

Could be the meter is simply broken. I’m afraid it sounds like it to me. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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