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Production of quality flowers requires shade house (50%) or naturally ventilated polyhouse. Day temperature of °C and night temperature of °C are. Gerbera Project Report For Polyhouse, Greenhouse Cultivation: Are you planning to grow Gerbera flowers under polyhouse? Then this project report is for you. Gerbera cultivation in Greenhouse. Soil Requirement in Gerbera Flower Farming : The soil should be well drained, light, fertile/rich, slightly alkaline (or) neutral.

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A tank Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Season of flowering and Harvesting: Biological way of controlling these diseases is to use trichoderma viridae and trichoderma herzenium fungicides. White coating appears on leaves and other plant parts.

Immediately after plantation, irrigate the plant with overhead irrigation for 4 weeks to enable uniform root development. In India there is 5- 10 gerbera plant supplier nursery available, Expert gerbera grower select an only particular variety to form each nursery.

Gerbera cultivation economics in – Agricultureguruji

White spiral tunnel in leaves due to larvae, which remains in the soil. Do you provide end to end solution for the same? Soil application of Bacillus subtilis BbV 57 or Pseudomonasfluorescens 2. How to start Sugarcane Farming. Irrigation Drip irrigation is done once in 2 — 3 days 3.

If the farm has black cotton soil, then gravel or rocky soil of 6 inch layer should be added at the bottom of the bed for better drainage. Gerbera flowers are expensive and have excellent demand in India. Gerbera plant is considered to be a native of South America, Asia and Africa.

Method of Garnera Planting: Thank you so much for taking your time and answering all questions so patiently. Because I am investing near about 12lakhs. Gwrbera main aim of fertilizing the plants is to keep them healthy and fresh. Increase in levels of nitrogen and phosphorus were found to promote development of suckers and improve flowering in cultiation.


Following is the manures and fertilization schedule in Gerbera cultivation. Disbudding — the buds that form during the initial stage of plant growth or few days after planting 45 days are expected to be of inferior quality and should be removed from the base of the stalk to facilitate strong plants with healthy flowers.

Gerbera cultivation guide

Silver-spotted patches on leaves. During the harvesting period, the plant approximately has 14 to 16 leaves.

Investment in Rs Construction of sq cyltivation of polyhouse with GI pipes, shade net and glazing material 3,75, Krishi Sandesh Agriculture in India. Flowers should be sorted out and graded for uniformity and packed in carton boxes.

Spacing in Gerbera Flower Farming: My land is located in Kalburgi Dist Gulbarga Karnataka. There are three main soil borne pathogens like Fusarium, Phytophthora and Pythium which would destroy the entire crop if the soil disinfection is not done. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How to Grow and Protect Roses.

Day temperature of 22 —25 0 C and night temperature of 12 0 C to 16 0 C is ideal for cultivation.

An abnormality characterized by numerous leaves, short petioles and small laminae, which gives some cultivars of gerbera a bushy appearance known as bushiness. Before starting gerbera cultivation, disinfection of the soil is absolutely necessary to minimize the infestation of soil borne pathogens like PhytophthoraFusarium and Pythium which could otherwise destroy the crop completely.

When flowers completely open, harvesting is done. Gerbera Culivation jamesonii commonly known as Transwal Daisy cultivatio African Daisy is an important flower grown throughout the world under wide range of climatic conditions. Well developed tissue culture plants having leaves can be planted firmly geeenhouse burying the crown. Growing of gerbera flowers in raised bed improves drainage and aeration. This operation carried out up to 80 days. After 3 months, Subsequent weeding should be done 30 day interval.


Commercially propagated through division of suckers and tissue culture plants. This is mainly caused by water imbalances.

Gerbera cultivation economics in 2018

Well drained, rich, light, neutral or slightly alkaline soil with pH range of 5. Land Preparation in Gerbera Flower Farming: It fetches decent profits with right marketing. Field preparation and planting: Rs 3 this rate varies depending on the demand of the flower during various occasions. The average yield from each plant is greenhojse to be 40 flowers per year. Fertigation is the process of mixing the required quantity of fertilizers with irrigation water and supplying it to the plants.

Apart from that you can sell them in the local flower market. As the roots of Gerbera plant penetrates deep into soil up to 60 cmthe soil should be porus and should have good internal drainage up to 50 cm deep for optimal growth of roots. The quality of water required for Gerbera plants should have a pH of around 6.

Click here to post a comment. Navanath Awatade September 2, at 1: The land of the greenhouse should be levelled properly; there should be availability of good quality water and hygiene and sanitation of the area should also be greenhousd highest priority.