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Racism has ratings and 25 reviews. Drick said: This author takes a close look at three historical instances of racism: The American South, Nazi Germa. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Racism: A Short History | Are George Fredrickson surveys the history of Western racism from its emergence in the late. Surveys the history of Western racism from its emergence in the late Middle Ages to the present. Beginning with medieval anti-Semitism, the author traces the.

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There was also a very interesting, of brief, exploration of how much culpability for the holocaust must be shared by Germany in general rather than just the maxi leaders. I had to read this book fredriickson an university-course and I thought it presented fredrickso good overview of where rascist thoughts and ideologies come from, how they slowly evolved to fredricksob certain hierarchies. As Fredrickson himself admits in the text, the differences between the two are often greater than the similarities.

Frederickson 7 24 Mar 23, freddrickson On a small scale you will always have racism left, however enlightened a society is. For the novice interested in the definitions and histories of racism sgive it a read; but don’t pick up this book looking for in-depth historical analysis. This book was aa bit repeatative fredeickson often very technical.

Mar 29, Allie rated it liked it. The ideology of social Darwinism spread across the world in 18th and 19 centuries and its effect on modern society is still seen today.

A Short History” also makes for a great introduction to the issue. Sep 22, Alyssa rated it liked it Shelves: Hence we can study its emergence in a time and place for which we have a substantial historical record. Really made me think about racism differently. Fredrickson so narrowly defines racism to exclude these groups However what was helpful was to see how “racism” went from being an acceptable scientific term in dominant society to being a negative term after the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews.


From all the definitions I have read of the word “racism” I must say that I agree with Fredrickson’s definition the most because it covers all the important areas and cuts out discrimination concerning things other than race or ethnicity.

A good bookto read. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Does a good job of creating and utilizing a specific taxonomy of racist societies and regimes; very useful. Second, the varieties of racism that developed in the West had greater impact on world history than any functional equivalent that we might detect in another era or part of the world.

Third, the logic shott racism was fully worked out, elaborately implemented, and carried to its ultimate extremes in the West, while at the same time being identified, condemned, and resisted from within the same cultural tradition.

May 13, Derek rated it liked it Shelves: A Short History synthesizes vast amounts of human history and thinking. While he does a great job uistory describing the ways in which the kind of dehumanization that characterizes vredrickson and white supremacy are possible, he talks less about the motives of the regimes in question for codifying racist power dynamics. A Short History George M.

Fredrickson demonstrates how the rise of German Nationalism contributed to the rise of exclusionist policies and eventually to the racism of the Third Reich. In short, its a study focusing on the pathology of racism. As someone who does not have an extensive historical knowledge, this book was difficult to read at times. From the other literature I’ve read on the topic, this viewpoint is widely accepted in the academic community, and the historical record itself is very compelling to this point.

It is distinguished not only by its original comparison of modern racism’s two most significant varieties–white supremacy and antisemitism–but also by its eminent readability.

Racism: A Short History

So I think that this book presents a good overview about the history of racism. He finds similarity enough to justify the common label but also major differences in the nature and functions of the stereotypes invoked. He omits personal stories, and ground racim impacts of racism in favor of understanding the long historical story of racism. I learned that racism started with discriminating against Jews. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Racism: A Short History by George M. Fredrickson

In addition to laying out his current thinking about racism, Fredrickson engages deeply with the work and views of other historians and thinkers, generously pointing out interpretations that differ from his own and taking the time to explain how his own thinking has evolved over the course of a five decade career.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This was my exposure to scholarly literature dealing with the concept of race, and it helped me see how the idea has been and is being engaged by social scientists and historians.

Oct 22, Lindsey rated it liked it. A lot has been written about European anti-Semitism and American White Supremacism, but a comparative study of racism which takes into account both of its dominant manifestations is rare to find. Meagan Lynne Reule rated it really liked it Jan 01, Want to Read saving….

Fredrickson also gets a bit repetitive in his attempt to synthesize. Mar 18, Eldiablodehowies rated it really liked it.

Mar 30, Drick rated it liked it Shelves: Not quite what I expected it to be, this book defined racism much more narrowly than is typical in public discourse—a system in which a hierarchy is created between different groups by official means freerickson. Those looking for in-depth analysis or commentary on topics salient to ongoing or emerging debates; e. With this definition in mind Fredrickson goes on to provide a rfedrickson overview of racism in Western society.