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View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. /ECLIPSE” I Quick Start guide • English· 2 Espanal 28 G Fran~ais •••• 54 e cP FUJITSU TEN I For the safe usage of this device We appreciate your purchase of . FREE 2-day Shipping: Stunning graphics, superior performance Eclipse pulls out all the stops with the AVNE navigation receiver, Our take on the Eclipse AVNE by Crutchfield’s Zak Billmeier Eclipse AVNE Owner’s manual.

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About “SD memory card” slot

Caullon Never connect the power supply to the speaker wires No. Rad io mode operations 8. Using other parts may cause damage to the main unit or cause parts avnn726e dislodge and fall or fly off the main unit.

Page What to Do When Search MenuSelect the route destination. Touch Set on the operationscreen.

Also, take precautions so that the main unit does not interfere, nor come in contact with them, otherwise a fire may result. Touch again to cancel the random Shuffle All play. ECLIPSE no se hara responsable por danos, los que incluyen, pero no se Iimitan a, lesiones graves, muerte o daiios a la propiedad avn726f a instalaciones que ocasionan un funcionamiento no intencionado. Item title A qvn726e and title is assigned for each item.

Accuracy and Error The present location appears on a road running parallel to the road taken. Instale la unidad principal en el vehiculo. The controls and screen layouts are the same. POI locations are marked on the map with special icons. Eclipse pourrait vous facturer ou refuser de vous rendre Ie service pour Ie produit Eclipse sans preuve d’achat valable.


Page 21 Before UseAbout This ReceiverControl Names and OperationsYou can operate this receiver by pressing the buttons panel buttons or by touching theswitches displayed on the screen touch switches. When your GPS position is available, the main unit marks your current position with the icon on the map.

Please check the items inthe following table first. Si des liquides, de I’humidite ou de la poussiere penetrent dans I’unite principale, ceci pourrait causer un court-circuit resultant en I’emission de fumee ou de f1ammes.

Page 9 Setting low pass filter Search Menu Select the route destination.

Eclipse – Fujitsu Ten ECLIPSE AVNE : DVD Video Player User Manual

Repeating Same Track1Touch Repeat. Table of Contents Before Use 1. When a POI group is open for editing: This is thevalue at the bottom. ConditionPossible causeActionThe screen is dark for a briefperiod when the power is turnedon at low temperatures.

Goes to folder one level higher andplays the first track of this folder. Ne fixez pas la plaque de masse sur de telles surfaces. By turning off this feature, you also turn off the GPS position errorfiltering. Next route event Next action The following area appears next to the above described rounded area. Retirez la poche et les autres accessoires du panneau combine central pour degager de j’espace pour I’unite principale.

Switching to desired scale ITIJ Cable de la senal de marcha atnis Verde Conecte la senal de salida de la marcha atras del vehiculo a este terminal.

  DN D4500MK2 PDF

Navigation displays theCursor with a radiating red dot to make it visible at all zoom levels, even when it is in thebackground of a 3D map view. Manjal approximately 1 hour for the condensation toevaporate and the device will operate normally. Displaying Information about Current Broadcast When receiving a SIRIUS broadcast, you can display information about broadcast, such as the channel, category, track title, artist, and channel number. You can make the security indicator flashwhen the eclpise system is in operation.

In such a case, set stations in the memory again. POI locations are marked on the map with special icons. Advanced mode only Touch and hold the desired switch to set thezoom value as the current zoom level, orreset to an original value.

Eclipse – Fujitsu Ten ECLIPSE AVN726E User Manual

If you select a measurement unit not supported by the chosen voiceguidance language, a warning message will appear. Route the microphone cable to the installation position for the main unit while securing the cable with avn726w.

DivX media files enable you tocompress with a high compression ratiowhile maintaining high image quality. Error2Check iPodNo support music filesA communication error, playbackerror, iPod softwareincompatibility, or control erroroccurred.