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Franz Simandl (August 1, – December 15, ) was a double-bassist and pedagogue most remembered for his book New Method for the Double Bass. The older, established double bass method here is without a doubt the New Method for String Bass by Franz Simandl. This tried and true double bass. F. Simandl – New Method for Double Bass (Max Ebert).pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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He was Professor of double-bass at the Vienna Conservatory from to I try to make sure the student comes away with a strong set up…a secure left hand shape and a parallel bow. So they work with the formal method with all the boring but necesary studies, but they have a complementary etude each month that its on their level but its really fun and serves as a solo piece to peform on a recital. While I have been a bass bqss for 37 years, I have never allowed my thinking about the bass to stand still.

I bass player friend of mine came over and mentioned the Rabbath Method. If I could do it again I would have all of my beginner students start with the Vance Progressive Repertoire books. Vance presents the students with measure simqndl tunes. I could never imagine learning a quarter from the books about the Rabbath technique as I have learned from my teacher. This is my personal experience.

Now check your doulbe to confirm your subscription. The fingering for whole step-half step sequence, and for a half step-whole step sequence was both natural and essential to my technique for fifths playing.

He is a truly creative artist speaking in a compelling original voice. Mark Morton books were the best to get yourself familiarized with fingerings and the simandl was great once you understood the foundations.

Franz Simandl

I bought his Nouville Technique volumes when I was in high school, and although I did not agree with many of the fundamental concepts I read, I knew there was a huge amount of value in these texts. Franz Simandl August 1, — December 15, was a double-bassist and pedagogue most remembered for his book New Method for the Double Bass, known as the Simandl book, which is to this day used as a standard study of double bass technique and hand positions.


Michael Schneider from Heidelberg, Germany. His scale work in Book 2 is truly brilliant in getting a secure feel for whereever you are on the fingerboard in any key, although I thought he was mad when I first saw them! Right know I wrote a small book containing 12 studies very melodic and very fun, wiht a very small difficulty in the left hand and lots of hard work on the bow.

I can really only speak as a student at this point. I had several years of experience teaching know and tried with several different methods. Dan Swaim did a wonderful job putting together the Suzuki bass books.

Comments Another interesting, and very extensive topic. This combination has ultimately been siimandl most successful comprehensive double bass pedagogical sequence for me—Vance for beginners and intermediate students, and Simandl, ochestral excerpts, and the traditional double bass repertoire Koussevitzky, Dittersdorf, Bottesini for advanced students.

It was not a method per se but was a great collection of fun stuff for students to play!

Franz Simandl – Wikipedia

In my teaching I am going to try to mix it up more. Hope this all helps and is of interest!

Im working know for about a Year and my studies prooved to be a very good complement for my students. You cannot do everything. I had somehow acquired enough basic technique on my own over the years that I really just simahdl into some rather serious literature.

This page was last edited on 15 Augustat I would vote sumandl Simandl. Now that there is internet no such thing back in ! Miss him and his patience! Right know I like to publish my small book, because many people of different countries asked me for it mostly latinamerican countries because the text its in spanish Maybe fouble can help me contact some editorial that you think they will be interested on.

Then happily I discovered the Rabbath books and learned pivoting, poorly, until I fouble playing with a drone appropriate to the key. This was great for keeping me involved and interested, but at times i feel like I had to take many steps backward to fix problems that most likely would have been solved at I begun bass with these methods.

The only conclusion I can come to is that 19th century string actions and gut strings meant that this was the only practical way of playing at the time. I liked the tunes the Suzuki tune progression is very well-conceived but was unsure about trying to use eimandl books without any Suzuki training.


Progressive Repertoire Simandl, Franz: I have never tried Vance Progressive Repertoire books. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I welcome any comments or suggestions on other double bass methods or pedagogical sequences that other double bass teachers have found effective. I tell my students first of all that doubl excercises are not designed as great music.

As I write this post, I am in the middle of composing an article on a fresh look at the double bass fingerboard that doubl a system for labeling positions that is simple, logical and descriptive. I still work on the Etudes and exercises out of these books, and can also admit, that because I am not a beginner by any means, the Simandl method proves it self infinitely more relevant to anything else I am working on, be it orchestral or hass.

There are two predominant double bass pedagogical methods in basss United States today. I completely agree with you about the Boring thing when starting bass studies.

Rabbath versus Simandl – a comparative study for double bass – Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog

To be fair, I have always loved watching Rabbath himself play and have enjoyed listening to his recordings. Over time, I realized that, by focusing on the six Rabbath positions and learning the pivot motions, most students did not need to stare at their left hand or fingerboard and could instead rely on their ear and their sense of touch to find notes.

Which is the better? I shall check these out when I get my hands on them.

30 Etudes for the Double Bass (Simandl, Franz)

I show a bass-pupil the many possibilities of a certain fingering and tell him: Just came across this article. Rabbath is douuble total revelation by comparison, and makes a very good contrast. In contrast, the six Rabbath positions are based around the major harmonics on the bass and are extremely easy to remember.