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Browsing Books under category: Deyyala Kathalu on Kinige. About Kinige: Welcome to Telugu book world. By the Telugu for the Telugu! Click here now to read. Books and products with tag name: Vichitra Deyyala Kathalu. You are currently browsing our books with tag name Vichitra Deyyala Kathalu Alternatively You. Childrens free pdf books. Book Image is missing · Deyyala kathalu Amma cheppina Gorumuddala kathalu Book Image is missing. Adavi Jantuvula.

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He sends Ravanna on the Mission: Ravanna’s is ultra-loyal to his master Buchayya. We take the copyright complaints seriously and take action immediately.

Deyyala Kota 3 –

Buchaiah realizes that Major Chowdary and his sister are brain washing the villagemen by telling them about human rights. Any In order to humiliate Sirisha, Ravanna slips in her bathroom and there by creates an impression that he is having an illegal affair with Sirisha.


Ravanna is a wayward youth, who is misguided and misutilized by Buchaiah. Dyeyala, Buchayya plots a ploy to eliminate adverse CM and replace him. She is duly rescued by Ravanna and recovers from the ailment.

We reach to climax as Ravanna struggling to come kthalu of the trap laid by Buchaiah and Major Chowdary and Sirisha hooked up in the police station. Its not mandatory to enter any of these fields, just click submit.

An embarrassed and humiliated Bharat Nari she is, Sirisha consumes poison. Contact Us Please contact us if you have any feedback, comments or copyright complaints. Major Chowdary arrives along with his sister Sirisha to live his retired life.

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Major Chowdary has an amputated hand because he participated in Kargil war. Buchayya used Ravanna as a weapon to threaten those who oppose his ridiculous activities. You have to watch this film to know the gruesome climax in store for you.

Buchayya asks to Ravanna to make Major Chowdary and Sirisha vacate the village. The government has granted him 5 acres of land in ‘Ginjuvari Palam’.


After the marriage is over, he again gets ready to accomplishing the task of Kidnapping CM.

In the meantime Major Chowdary tries to change the system and Ravanna, kayhalu vein. Meantime Sirisha takes the help of Police and Court to arrest Ravanna and there by passing an order by court that Ravanna has to marry Sirisha for slipping into her bathroom.

Deyyala Kathalu Antasaduvukondi – Old Discussions –

Thanks Thank you for reporting. There is an MLA called ‘Buchayya’ who made sure that all the grants are directed to him home than katjalu of this village in his constituency. Sirisha starts working as a teacher in an elementary school.