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Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with. Manuale dell’utente. DK WARNUNG wird in diesem Handbuch verwendet um an- zuzeigen, dass eine ernsthafte Victoria Australia. My Dell c laser printer was printing very badly – parts of the picture were falling off the paper as dust. I thought perhaps cheap toner was to.

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Gently lift the multifunction printer off the tray module, and place it on a level surface.

Configure this item only when Directory: If you are a network administrator, you can clone the delll settings of one printer to one or all printers on the network. Remove the wireless printer adapter cap from the control board by releasing the cap’s hooks. Selecting Preprinted Forms and Letterhead When selecting preprinted forms and letterhead paper for the multifunction printer: The copy options automatically return to their default status after copying.

Links to the Dell web page. Well-chosen typefaces make a document easier to read. Coated Thick Inkjet Printer paper cannot be used.


Unpack a new transfer belt unit. Close the cover of the fuser unit and press down the levers at both ends of the fuser unit. If the original document is larger than the printable area, some portions may not be hahdbuch.

Active Discovery Displays whether active discovery is enabled. Close the transfer belt unit by pulling it down until it clicks. Remove the orange protective cover of the installed print cartridge and discard. When you copy using this feature, the multifunction printer prints one side on the upper half of the paper and the other side on the lower half without reducing the original. Setting the Machine ID In most countries, you are required by law to indicate your fax number on any fax you send.


This page can also be displayed by clicking Print Volume in the Left Frame. When you delete the last speed dial in a group, the group itself is not deleted. If [ ] appears in a message, the default value will appear inside the [ ]. This special copy mode can be applied when you load a document using only the document feeder glass. Driver Continue to print even if the paper specified from the printer driver does not Specified match the paper configured for the MFP from the operation panel.

To set a password to limit access to the Copy, Scan, and Fax menus. The above example describes the setup method executed when csh is used.

Do not touch it, doing so may cause burns.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

Does not print the banner sheet. On the Wireless configuration is now complete screen, create the wireless setting sent to the multifunction printer on your hansbuch following the steps below, and then click Next.

Wired Network Use the Wired Network menu to change printer settings affecting jobs sent to xell multifunction printer through the wired network. If the paper is too rough, the toner does not fuse to the paper properly, resulting in poor print quality.

Yellow Medium Displays the yellow medium density. When the speed dial job specified in the delayed fax or redial exists and you change the speed dial number from the operator panel or Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool, the destination of the fax may be changed.


Doing so could damage the tray or the inside of the multifunction printer. In addition, it can also be used in an environment where a multifunction printer, installed with an interface board, is connected directly to the network. AppleTalk Displays the AppleTalk type. Displays the user registration number. Used when auto-detecting the PostScript communication protocol. Disables to perform the image enhancement feature. You must log in as ddll administrator to use this feature.

See No dial tone sounds. The multifunction printer will automatically detect the attached tray but will not detect handbuc paper type.

Photo Uses for documents with photo or gray tones. Remove the wireless printer adapter handbuh the multifunction printer. To print the Speed Dial report. Your multifunction printer allows for a maximum of three trays standard sheet tray, optional sheet paper feeder, and multipurpose feeder.

Double-click the icon on your desktop. Maximum Sessions Displays the maximum number of connections received simultaneously by the client.

To print an image onto several sheets of paper.

This step can dwll performed only if you have the Wireless Network Card Sold separately. Lower Sets Lower in the threshold value. To print the documents failed to transfer when Forward Set Print is set to Off. Enter the setting that you send to the multifunction printer and click OK.

Print a system settings page to verify that the additional print memory handbuhc installed correctly. Select your scanning preferences and click Adjust the quality of the scanned picture to display the Advanced Properties dialog box.