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Micros offers: PIR sensor DB SENBA – Supply Voltage: 3~15V, operating temp: 30~70°C, Output Signal[V p-p]: >= mV Sensitivity: data sheet. DB Datasheet PDF Download – DB, DB data sheet. pir db datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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This was necessary to stop wires from possibly tangling together. Thus, we decided to minimize these changes as much as possible.

If the task was signaled at a time that the platform was stationary, or in other words when the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, the task sets the variable motorDirection to counter clockwise. Then, the pointer forwardPtr is set to point to the structure with the next step in the sequence while the pointer reversePtr is set to point to the structure of the current motor step.

Our program was written using the multi-tasking kernel Tiny Real Time which was first introduced in our 4th lab. MoreAdjustable light on duration. Although we account for this using limit sensors we highly recommend caution. This task is the dual of Task 3. As far as we know there are no legal restrictions on our project. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the sensors that were difficult to handle. Legal Considerations As far as we know there are no legal restrictions on our project.

Smart Fan – Human Tracking Fan

This can damage the digital circuitry in the d230b. When the PIR output meets certain criteria see functional. When the motor spun clockwise the pointer reversePtr pointed to the current step and the pointer forwardPtr pointed to the previous step in the sequence.

When the device is triggered current flows through the BJT and a signal voltage d203 to the amount of current is produced. Task 4 This task is the dual of Task 3. This also allows the fan to track the person again if they were not detected previously. This task is a debouncer for the push button on the development board.


The main sources are electrical equipment in the lab closely situated by the PIR sensors. This is sufficient to lag a little behind quickly moving people but the fan stops once it reaches its correct destination. The second option is wasteful as the fan may direct air at empty spaces for much of the rotation cycle. External Interrupts on Sensors As discussed previously, upon detection of movement, the PIR circuit output for each sensor goes high.

(PDF) D203B Datasheet download

No abstract text available Text: On the other hand, if the motor was rotating clockwise then the motor is stopped to direct air flow datasheft a person for half a second and then begins rotating counter clockwise toward the second person.

When the operational mode is set to rotate between two people, and an interrupt on pin int0 occurs, this task is signaled to operate.

Fans usually provide two options for directing airflow:. It was modified to serve our project purposes. The circuit is heavily based on the circuit provided in the datasheet for the DB sensor: This pin is tested by the task every 50 msec. If the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, no operation will occur. With special noise immunity techniqueM is the most stable PIR controller you can find on thepackage.

The purpose of this report is to share the information we have obtained from our experimentation and testing. Upon detection, the output of the comparator remains high for datashet much as 2. Ganesh Raaja AssociatedThis Application Note describes a complete proximity sensing application using a PIR motion sensorprocess the signal from a PIR Pyroelectric Infrared motion sensor and detect the presence of objectsporch light or operating a door.

It operates periodically every 50 msec. We decided to block the negative side with tape to increase the sensors sensitivity.

We have posted material that we believe is important, useful, and informative to the readers. When we tested our design in a separate room, the performance was much more predictable.


This information will be used by the timer to rotate the motor in the proper direction. In addition, the fan includes another setting that allows precise rotation between two people.

If the value of the variable motorDirection was set to clockwise, PORTA of the development board is set to a motor step to drive the motor. When the strips of metal touched, the pin was set low and detected by the microcontroller.

Task 1 When the single human tracking setting is on, this datadheet is signaled when an external interrupt on pin int0 is detected. A satasheet of on a clock rate of 16MHz was sufficient to keep rotation at an acceptable rate.

The PIR not only detects movement of the human body, but also datssheet heat. Each of the eight steps was saved in a structure that contained a different step output for the motor. The 8 step sequence not only slows down the motor but also allows more accurate positioning of the platform.

The running mode is displayed on an LCD. Timer 0 Overflow Interrupt The interrupt service routine for this interrupt is entered each time Timer 0 overflows.

pir db datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Stepper Motor Control We decided to use a half-step 8 step sequence to operate our stepper motor. Once we realized this we in fact managed to solve many problems using software. The speed of execution was satisfactory for the most part.

This is because they produce a high voltage spike when the current flow through them suddenly changes. The link to this API is available in the Appendix. Adjustable light datasheett duration. The fan usually stops directly or nearly in front of the person, as desired.