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Most of text is in Latin, with portions also in Dutch and German (Last page, after concluding Clavicula Salomonis contains a list of the names of. CLAVICULA SALOMONIS REGIS. Reworked, Written and inspired from the original manuscript by Michael W. Ford. Illustrated by Elda Isela Ford. The Luciferian. The Lesser Key of Solomon or Clavicula Salomonis Regis (Handbook of astrological sorcery for summoning instructions and seeking of 72 demons) – Annotated.

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Titled Zekerboni compare “Zecorbenei” in Ad. That is why the time from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for performing any of the experiments of which we have spoken above.

This time the variation of the name is Foz Groec compare Tozgrec. Experiments, then, are of two kinds; the first is to make trial of what, as I have said, can be easily performed without a circle, and in this case it is not necessary to observe anything but what thou wilt find in the proper chapters. Some of the lists of mystical names are fairly arbitrary, but I have tried to show enough examples from multiple manuscripts in order to demonstrate the wide variability.

Mathers inserts L, chapters 24, 25, 27, 28, and 29 at this point. The rest of this paragraph is not found in Ad.

Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

In whichever part of the world you may be, and by whatever names you may be called, I conjure and appeal to you, O daemons who have the power to be overturn the hearts of men and women, through the one who created you out of nothing, that this night you immediately convene without delay, face to face, [exerting your influence? The Prayer being finished, let the Exorcist lay his hand upon the pentacles, while one of the Disciples saalomonis hold open before him the Book wherein are written the prayers and conjurations proper for conquering, subduing, and reproving the spirits.

Experiment concerning things stolen O Oriens, distinguished king who reigns and rules in the East, whose rule and kingdom had its beginning in the ages, and will last until the end of the ages.

Operations of mockery and scorn To give some sense of the state of these pentacles I have included many examples in my editions of L and L We conjure ye powerfully and strongly exorcise ye, that ye come unto us with joy and quickness, without fraud or deceit, in truth and not in error.

But in order to thoroughly effect the operations of this art, thou shouldest perform them not only on the hours but on the days of the saloomnis as well, because then the experiment will always succeed better, 10 provided thou observest the rules laid down later on, for if thou omittest one single condition thou wilt never arrive at the accomplishment of the art.

The complete phrase “God the lcavicula and almighty, the God of Israel” Lat. However, L can’t be a direct ancestor of Sl since it contains elements missing from the latter, such as the missing Psalm and “Anefeneton” from book 2 chapter SamaelAzazel, Azael, and Mahazuel. But it is in the pentacles that the Hebrew is worse, the letters being so vilely scribbled as to he actually undecipherable in some instances, and it has been part of my work for several years to correct and reinstate the proper Hebrew and magical characters in the pentacles.


This manuscript also has strong Christian elements. Concerning astrological images In 15 cm96 p. Figure 25, from L, pg. Write their names afresh, and kindle fresh fire, whereon thou shalt put gum benjamin, olybdanum, and storax 13 to make therewith a fumigation; with these odours thou shalt afresh, perfume the aforesaid paper with the names; but thou shouldest have these names ready prepared beforehand.

Come ye then, come ye, behold the signs and the names of your creator, behold the holy pentacles by the virtue of which the Earth is moved, the trees thereof and the abysses tremble.

Having completed these things, form the image as described in the experiment, and regie it is necessary to write on the image, use the needle or quill pen and ink of the Art. Printed edition titled Clavicule of Solomonquarto, pages.

Figure 43, from Sl. Especially wanting are a proper critical apparatus, an analysis of the relation between manuscripts, and better utilization of the Latin and Italian manuscripts.

Latin BPH Amsterdam, dated Clavicila carefully written and legible. The experiment of Love, and how it should be performed; The experiment or operation of the fruit; Of the operation of love by her dreams, and how one must practice it. It also calls the quill knife “Arthame” and ckavicula it with the ritual knife.

The prayer being finished, let the master quit the water, and put upon his flesh raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and then let him go with his disciples unto a secret place and command them to strip themselves naked; and they having taken off their clothes, let him take exorcised water and pour it upon their heads so that it flows down to their feet and bathes them completely; and while pouring this water upon them let the master say: Although salomobis is mentioned in one of the conjurations, its construction and use is not otherwise mentioned.

Then the Master, turning towards each Quarter of the Earth, and raising his eyes to Heaven, shall say:. Figure 41, from Sl. By these names then, and by all the other holy names of God clqvicula whom no man can stand and live, and ckavicula names the armies of the demons fear, tremble at, and shudder; we conjure ye, we potently exorcise and command ye, conjuring ye in addition by the terrible and tremendous PATHS 29 of GOD and by his holy habitation wherein he reigneth and commandeth unto the eternal ages.

O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA 10the Beginning and the End; thou who hast established all things in thy Wisdom; thou who has chosen Abraham thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; thou who hast appeared unto thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through zalomonis Red Sea; thou who gavest the Law to him upon Mount Sinai; thou who hast granted unto Solomon thy Servant these pentacles by thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore walomonis supplicate thy Holy Majesty, that these pentacles may be consecrated by thy power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and principality, remaineth and endureth without end.


Mathers inserts here an excerpt from Claviclua”Know, O my son Roboam, that all the divine sigils Text commences with “Benedictio Libri. Crowley added some additional invocations previously unrelated to the original work, as well as essays describing the rituals as psychological rehis instead of demon summoning. See Book 2 chapter x where the regls is directed to place the knife upright in the ground at his feet. But before commencing any operation whatsoever for the recovery of things stolen, after having made all necessary preparations, thou shalt say the following oration: This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire, saying: Sefer Gematriotlate 13th or early 14th century.

The Key of Solomon is the most famous and important of all Grimoires, reegis handbooks of Magic. Mathers inserts L, chap. This section is not found in Aub24 up to “And we conjure, oblige, calvicula terribly exorcise ye”. The following paragraphs to the end of this chapter are only found in the Latin version, Add.

The hours of Mars serve for summoning souls from Hades, 5 especially of those slain in battle. This paragraph and the preceding are not found in Aub.


This is also the name of the angel of Venus. Retrieved from ” https: Thus on Saturday Saturn rules the first hour, Jupiter the second, Mars the third, the Sun the fourth, Venus the fifth, Mercury the sixth, the Moon the seventh, and Saturn returns in the rule over the eighth, and the others in their turn, 3 the planets always keeping the same relative order. O Lord all powerful, eternal God and father of all creatures, shed upon me the divine influence of thy mercy, for I am thy creature.