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How can I make the world a better place? I am a skeptic by nature. Obviously there is a long way to go to create a world of perfect gender equality, but a woman today could hardly imagine how severely life was limited for her grandmother.

I suspect even the Dalai Lama rushes unnecessarily sometimes! Instead of facing up to what is going wrong in our lives, we distract ourselves with speed and busyness. And it seems to be working. Even I forget to slow down from time to time. I feel so much more alive now. But what do you say to people who claim that the world will inevitably go on speeding up and that a Slow revolution is pie in the sky?

A rare treat to be savoured — at your own pace, of course. But look at the world today.


In Praise of Slow

Speed is fun, sexy, an adrenaline rush. I hope that they will pause and reflect on how they lead their lives and how their lives affect the people and the world around them. I think the Slow movement is at the same point as feminism or green-ism was 30 or 40 years ago.

The boom in meditation or mindfulness in the corporate world is another sign that business is waking up to the power and wisdom of slowing down. What inspired you to embrace Slow?

Carl Honore | In Praise of Slow

I say look at the history books. All Londoners should read it. Not long ago the Economist magazine told its readers: By giving them more control over their schedules so they can work at their own pace, accelerating and decelerating when it suits them.

At work, I am much more productive and creative. How has slowing down changed your life? A magazine in Britain even published an article recently on how to bring about an orgasm in 30 seconds! Lentiyud the same time, the world has become a giant buffet of things to do, consume, experience — and we rush to have it all.

Vibrant and very readable. If you are always rushing, you only skim the surface of things. Take the rise of feminism.

Elogio de la lentitud – Carl Honoré – Google Books

Has our obsession with speed has gone to far? But if we slow down, surely life will pass us by? I do fewer things but Hoore do them better and enjoy them more. I feel more optimistic now than I did when In Praise of Slow first came out.


I look caro my sister and my grandmother and marvel at the change in just two generations. No, the world has always been this way. But at least our starting point should be to seek the tempo giusto and to expect others to do so too. Go back to the kitchen!

What will a Slow world lenitud like? Such questions can be uncomfortable but confronting them ultimately brings greater depth to our lives. The world is too complex and interconnected for lengitud. It will be a world that is healthy, happy and humane. Essential reading for a happier, healthier, more productive life. And as the world gets faster, the need for a counter-current of slowness will grow too.

Readers would be wise to savour it slowly. What sort of life should I be leading? Add to that the fear of being alone with our thoughts. For a cultural revolution to occur, you need three factors: