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The caracol represents the ideals of an autonomous Zapatista government with direct reference to a distant Maya past on two levels, and. Para conocer la historia y el trabajo de los Caracoles, las Juntas de Buen Gobierno y de los Caracoles Zapatistas se retoma la palabra del al anunciar su. Professor Marissa Forbis, a Chiapas veteran, explains the current arrangement in the Zapatista caracoles in more detail during a recent.

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Celebrating the Caracoles

Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities. They are looked after there by nuns who in were threatened with death by the local bosses and ranch owners who accused them of the terrible crime of opening the hospital doors to anyone who knocked. The Zapatistas have faced criticism from several socialists and zapatistad. What we feel cracoles is that we have a lot of responsibility.

Decision-making flows back and forth on decisions that are of a movement-level nature or of regional importance. Moy, a young Zapatista, forms part of an autonomous media system that includes a regional radio station and a video project that tells their history, records their fiestas and traditions, and documents human rights violations. If we leave our work it means that the taunting has defeated us.

Zapaitstas young, enthusiastic professionals go from village to village offering massage and training so that when they leave, others can carry on their work. In our schools we teach the history of Mexico, but real history—what has happened to those who struggle in this country.

What is Zapatista Autonomy?

Grass-roots lawyers from the human rights organization Enlace Civil, based in Chiapas, give an excellent overview: The promoters study zaapatistas, physiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, and above all, preventative medicine, personal and collective hygiene, and vaccination. The people have organized their own education and health systems, cooperatives, and other means of survival. Schools for Chiapas photos A few years ago, they published a small newspaper that sent indigenous reporters to cover the Zapatista marches and mobilizations.


Make this a recurring donation All donations are tax-deductible in the USA. Before that, the Neo-Zapastistas used the title of Aguascalientes after the site of the EZLN-organized National Democratic Convention on 8 August [11] ; this name gave the allusion to the Convention of Aguascalientes during the Mexican Revolution where Emiliano Zapata and other warlords met in and Zapata made an alliance with Francisco Villa.

In villages where men think right, women do their work well. During Schools for Chiapas will grow and distribute medical and other useful plants throughout Zapatista communities from The Very Different Nursery.

Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities – Wikipedia

There you can get something to eat and also find copies of the local autonomous publication. The incidence of indigenous members of the PRI being treated in the autonomous health clinics is increasing in this zone. We also understand that the Zapatista concept of autonomy is not about separating from the Mexican state.

Previously, the vaccination campaigns were run by the international agency. They now include vegetables and caracolfs, sewing and embroidery, candle making, and bakeries.

I want to donate right now! The Good Government Board is composed of seven zapatistqs and only one woman. It also works with surrounding hospitals and freely takes in patients from other communities who need to use the medical facilities that only the Zapatistas have.

Two classes of students have now graduated.

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At a local level, people attend a general assembly of around families where anyone over the age of 12 can participate in decision-making, these assemblies strive to reach a consensus but are willing to fall back to a majority vote. The first cooperative was born as an indirect product of the paramilitary threat.

They do not manage acracoles resources, and their budget, if it exists at all, is very limited, and due to the cooperation of some of their members. How do the Autonomous Municipalities function? The EZLN Autonomous Municipalities declare- Here we are, we are the true representatives of the people, we declare we are autonomous from the corrupt government and demonstrate that we have the right to govern ourselves.

This is not over yet. De facto autonomous region of Chiapas. Today the atmosphere is different.

What is Zapatista Autonomy? | Schools for Chiapas

The seven townships are: The autonomous project is proving to be a huge success in the rural communities of Chiapas. Now more than education promoters give classes in as many communities. The application of justice is based on customary law. Official education tells us that there are poor people and rich people and that poverty is our lot.

It is the job of the Board to even out development. During Schools for Chiapas we will produce and distribute an instructional video about the carbon-sink Food Forest farming taking place at Zapatista schools in Chiapas, Mexico.