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Is the calculus book by I.A. Maron really effective for the IIT-JEE preparations? . I would recommend you Problems of calculus in one variable by IA MARON. Download PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY Documents Similar To PROBLEMS IN CALCULUS OF ONE VARIABLE BY I.A. MARON. iit maths. Uploaded by. Vardaan Popli.

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Find the derivative sin x x The critical points are: Con- sequently, f x increases in the first two intervals, whereas in —1, 4 it decreases.

Since see Vriable 3. To ensure such accuracy it is necessary that the sum of errors of the method, operations and final rounding off should not exceed 0. Then follows a detailed solution of one or more typical problems. Can one replace infinitesimal summands by equivalent infinitesimals in computing a limit?

Find the points of inflection on the graph of the function, compute the values of the function and of its derivative at these points. Replace each of the following infinitesimals with an equi- valent one: The volume V of a sphere of radius r is equal to 4 yjir 3.

Using the concept of the differential, find the approximate value of the function Solution.

This method is called the method of particular values. Find the limits X 3 X 2 3a: The solution of this problem is reduced to finding the intervals in which the derivative preserves its sign.


A monotonic bounded sequence has a finite limit. The Differential of a Function.

It is most conve- nient to choose the roots of the denominator as the values of x t since they nullify some factors. Estimate the following integrals: Integration of Certain Caculus Expressions. Integration of Certain Irrational Expressions Certain types of integrals of algebraic irrational expressions can be reduced to integrals of rational functions by an appropriate change of the variable.

Problems in Calculus of One Variable

Hence, there are no solutions. Revathi Sembagounder marked it as to-read Dec 05, Indeed, the first assertion follows x from the definition of the function arc cos x 9 while the second one can be proved in the following way.

Anurag Verma added it Sep 18, We assume that during each subinterval of time the n to body moves uniformly with a velocity equal to its velocity at the beginning of this interval, i. Trivia About Problems in Calcu We again apply to the first integral the method of reducing the power: From the formula for the sum of the geometric progression deduce the formulas for the following sums: Estimate the absolute error in this root. Does the composite function always have no derivative at these points?


: I.A. Maron: Books

Give an example of a non-monotonic function that has an inverse. Prove that the average value of the calcjlus radius of an ellipse p: Prove that in each of the intervals a, xj, x 2x 2a: If they do not, explain why. The function f x marn a periodic one with the period 2n y hence, it is sufficient to mwron its graph on the interval [0, 2jx]. Pankaj rated it liked it Aug 15, Now let us find the inclined asymptotes: In all these formulas the variable u is either an independent variable or a differentiable function of some variable.

X 1 1 X Investigate the function thus obtained for a minimum in the interval 0, oo: Using the definition of continuity of a function in terms of “e — 6”, test the following functions for continuity: Integration by Substitution 4.

Find a mistake in the following deduction of Cauchy’s formula. Prove that it is a periodic function with period 1.

The differential of a function calculue be written in the following way: As is obvious, the integral has become more complicated.