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Bubble Deck Downloads. Please note the Design Guide version currently available for download has been provided by BubbleDeck International and there are. The BubbleDeck® system is based upon the patented integration technique – the The BubbleDeck® is a two-way hollow deck in which plastic balls serves the. Voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs in which voids reduce the amount of . Due to the BubbleDeck technology’s green credentials, the use of the.

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BubbleDeck is the patented integration technique of linking air, steel, and concrete in a two-way structural slab. This section possibly contains original research.

Voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs in which voids reduce the amount of concrete. The splice bars are inserted loose above the pre-cast concrete layer between the bubbles, and purpose made mesh sheets tied across the top reinforcement mesh to join the elements together. The concept is based on the fact that the area between columns of a solid slab has limited structural effect beyond adding weight.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After the site finishing, concrete is poured and cured. Bubble Deck Downloads Please note the Bubbledeeck Guide version currently available for download bubbleddck been provided by BubbleDeck International and there are minor differences between the current BubbleDeck standard slab configurations for each slab depth and this Guide. Focus has been on biaxial slabs and ways to reduce the weight.

A New Year’s resolution: The geometry of the BubbleDeck slab is identified by ellipsoids of a certain size, placed in a precise modular grid. Articles with Italian-language external links Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest from February Articles that may contain original research from August All articles that may contain original research All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from August Click here to read the Building and Construction Canada article.

Users should note that all BubbleDeck publications and software are subject to revision from time to time and should therefore ensure that they are in possession of the latest version. Economical and easy to transport, handle and store, also outdoors. In principle, fixing of bjbbledeck ellipsoids can be made in numerous ways, but using only the reinforcement meshes reduces superfluous material consumption and allows for an optimal geometrical proportion between concrete, reinforcement and voids.


Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. A major contributor to this article appears to have technklogy close connection with its subject. Also indicated for the top-down technique. Then there is the aggregate that is dug out and the trucks that have to carry it. These elements comprise the top and bottom reinforcement mesh, sized to suit the specific project, joined together with vertical lattice girders with the void formers trapped between the top and bottom mesh reinforcement to fix their optimum position.

Designing is consequently like for solid slabs, but with less load corresponding to the reduced amount of concrete.

It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Cement, the Unheralded Polluter. The overall floor area can be divided down into a series of planned individual elements, up to 3 m wide dependent upon site access, which are manufactured off-site tehcnology MMC techniques.

The practice of buying more books than you can read.

The idea of placing large blocks of light material in the slab suffers from the same flaws, which is why the use of these bubblwdeck has never gained acceptance and they are only used in a limited number of projects in Spanish-speaking countries. Fewer dimensional limitations for the elements.

Bubble Deck – Lighter Flat Slab Technology

The contractor was able to set over 60,ft 2 in a month and allowed the concrete structure to be complete before the start of fall classes. No liability including that for negligence will be accepted by BubbleDeck C.

As the top and bottom of the voided biaxial slab is solid, and the rebars are placed in the solid part, the fire resistance can be designed according to demands. Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox.

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Email Address Email is required. There are a number of green attributes including; reduction in total construction materials, use of recycled materials, lower energy consumption and reduced CO 2 emissions, less transportation and crane lifts that make BubbleDeck more environmentally friendly than other concrete construction techniques.


Not only that, but most of the concrete that is in a slab isn’t even needed; it is just a spacer between the bottom, where the reinforcing steel is in tension, and the top, where the concrete is in compression. A two way spanning biaxial slab construction compared to a one way spanning deck traditionally a hollow core:.

Investigations according to Eurocodes made at universities in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark, conclude that a voided biaxial slabs acts like as a solid slab. In principle, voided biaxial slabs act like solid slabs. If you have any queries about applying the design guide to your project, please do contact us. Reduction in the number of pillars.

Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The Slab With Beach Balls | TreeHugger

Retrieved from ” https: As this floor type technplogy made of complete prefab elements with no structural coherence, support moments are absent, resulting in increased material consumption. Earthquake proof Lower seismic mass. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Top 10 vegan blogs to follow. In the Bubbledeck system caused controversy due to the collapse of a parking garage at Eindhoven airport in the Netherlands. Construction terminology Floors Concrete. According to the contractor this may be caused due to the high temperatures during construction.

Related Content on Treehugger. Although not reinforced, coffers were used to reduce the weight.

While a true biaxial slab as the BubbleDeck system must be calculated as a solid slab, ribbed slab systems, like the U-boot system, consisting of a grid of orthogonal “I” beams, must be calculated as beams. Possibility of single direction structures thanks to the bridge accessory.