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Support for both variants of DIN letter layout Draft .. DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. das in der DIN Norm (Entwurf Mai ) festgelegte Layout um. Der Betreff . DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. \disabledraftstandard Der Brief wird entsprechend den Vorschriften der Norm DIN vom Dezember auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben.

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We use this to move the start of the first page of a letter 12 mm up. Das Umsetzen von Bezeichnungen z. The default value is 4mm. This means Y3K, Y4K and so on ready.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version |

Formen von Bezugszeichenzeilen 3. Commented out and moved to the end of the file. KB Added code to enable and disable underlining of the backaddress. This makes it more easy to modify parts in one letter or to modify the layout. The value is choosen as difference of positions as specified by the DIN Norm and the values used in earlier versions of this class. RG rule position is now defined in a dimen register.


We use the default definition for it. RG closing has now an optional argument. If the macro combined with the first two arguments briefbogenn empty, then the third argument is executed.

Die verwendeten Befehle sind in dieser Dokumentation beschrieben. Some of them can be redefined by the user, others are bound to the class definition. This allows the generation of papers containing several labels or printing directly on envelopes. don

To prevent the rule from colliding with the footnote we first add a little negative vertical skip, then we put the rule and make sure we end up at the same point where we begun this operation.

Therefore, we have to define them manually. Er aktiviert das Ausdrucken von Adress-Etiketten.

RG generic command for all enclosures added. These informations can be local to one letter or global to bgiefbogen letters in the file. To prepare a version for another language, various German words must be replaced.

It has to typeset to box containing the address of the receiver plus the necessary space normaly two lines.


Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version

And if available also the bottomtext. This has to happen after the begin document hooks was executed so that this hook can still use such commands. Briefogen for the list environment are set as follows.

This should work from the year up to The default value is used. All four forms produce the expected output! The third argument is the name of a control sequece. RG Labels got some styles.

This may be necessary for backward compatibility. If more than one! KB Page offsets corrected. Ihre Bem”uhungen im voraus vielen Dank. Diese Datei kann z. Durch headings wird die Kopfzeile mit einer Anrede und der Seitenzahl bei mehrseitigen Briefen gesetzt. So the bottomline is inserted into every first page of letters.