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Luciferian Goetia by Michael W. You will feel a strike of excitement but you will need to control this emotion and remain calm, nay very calm.

Books by Michael W. Ford (Author of The Bible of the Adversary)

The altar should be located on the west wall if at all possible. To add more books, click here. Often, the thread would be spun from the accumulated dust and dirt towards the sun and moon, the woman would gook covered in blood and continue to spin.

As it changes, the world expands around us, by the techniques we have developed to achieve our desires, solidify our means of manifestation, or success.

Fly as the bat within the night and enjoy all that is being Vampyr. This includes the magic of the astral plane Ahriman and Az and earth bound one Aeshma. The following rite is for those who seek the path of Vampyr, those who would stand strong in the face of a world for their own taking.

Remember, no spell nor word can alter change which has not lit within the WILL.

Once you finish draining the opfer, detach yourself and once again enter the night. Finally, the last part of the tome has chapters on Sethanic and Angelic Magick, in which the primal force of Set Typhon and the hook Watchers of the book of Enoch are invoked for cosmic diabolism, and several new and strange sex magick rites of the left hand path are revealed.


Book of the Witch Moon by Michael W. German vampires are often viewed as spreading plagues, like a cold wave their will calls shadowws rats and the army of the night to do their bidding.

With your will, send forth a vampyric tendril and make contact with the life force.

Through shaping the pentagram the sphere of Satan is opened – the true self is revealed. Do not seek for a world beyond, it will come soon enough. Magick of the Ancient Gods by Michael W.

Night Sahdows and Varcolaci Astral travel and the rising of the Varcolaci is an important step within the awakening of the Vampyric condition. Help Center Find new research papers in: It is now time to rise and fly the night sky.

The scorpion is strength and honor – love and life – It is also the harvester of Death. Rather than focusing on the pain, ignore it by not identifying with it.

Here is my Magical Library and Left Hand Path Books

Although it is said that some demonic spirits who are not vampires can haunt sleeping humans. Bruce Lee, a true master of life. This totally unique, enormous tome, available now! Below is the truth shadkws lie of the vampire.

The Varcolaci will rise especially when the moon turns a blood red or copper color. Clad in black or crimson robes with dagger and chalice. She challenges, sometimes dominates, stirs and acts as a muse to man. The Raven seems to paint pictures of plague, death and misery.


What is a Luciferian, a Satanist, a Vampire. Fly with joy into the night sky and travel where ever you wish to go. While our kind does not exercise just the rising of Varcolaci as it’s primary discipline of vampyrism, the condition and exercise of Astral hunting is very important towards the developing of the Vampyric Godhead, in which under the control of 77 all is possible within Will. The form is according to will and can change when desired.

The Rite of the Werewolf – Mental Lycanthropy and the summoning of Shadows – The altar can be either within a home or in the woods. This is the law of the Strong. Is it unnatural for man to kill cattle and other animals for food? It is also a personal religious focus on the path of Ahriman, shdaows Black Dragon. With your mind draw one circle anti-clockwise that it might fit a man within.

Books by Michael W. Ford

The Raven of us is our nature and being. Remember the deific force of Ahriman, so sought to break open the gates of heaven and devour his brother Ahura Mazda, the Sun. From the four pillars of Satan my law is sounded and the beast is unleashed. The candles should be black and red. The Luciferian must study the ways of the enemy — monotheistic Right Hand Path religions — Christianity, et al.

Upon the altar should rest a xnd skull or well crafted model.