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The Bicycle Wheel is a treatise on wheelbuilding by Jobst Brandt. Overview[edit]. The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of. This is the 3rd Edition of Jobst Brandt’s classic work, a necessary reference for any aspiring wheel builder and a handsome addition to any cycling lover’s library . Tributes have been paid from all quarters of the world cycling community to engineer and author of The Bicycle Wheel Jobst Brandt, who has.

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I have never met anyone who was willing to even make a guess! It may be disappointing to discover that “it’s all been done before” and that conventional wheels are a result of a hundred years of refinement. It then follows up with clear directions for assembling wheels and repairing damages to wheels. The instructions below assume a 36 spoke cross 3 wheel but are easily adapted to different patterns by substituting appropriate numbers.

I will keep this book and some notes hany on my wheel building. If you find some are much tighter than others, double check the spoking pattern. After adjusting the worst bend to the left, find the worst bend to the right, and adjust it. Install the other 17 leading spokes following the same pattern. This ease of turning increases the risk of their unscrewing themselves on the road.

Why build wheels?

In fact, if you have an old wheel that has been breaking left-side spokes, “half rebuilding” the wheel into a half radial will solve the problem once and for all. Since the key spoke is a trailing spoke, it should run along the inside of the flange. It took a fanatical rider and gifted engineer Jobstan academic community Stanfordan energetic and curious cycling scene Bay Areafor such a breakthrough work. The only one that doesn’t the rim overloading method described in Finding the Right Tension in Part II is explicitly stated as not being applicable to mountain bike wheels, and alternative methods are given.

Many of the topics covered in the book are surprisingly relevant to current trends in spoked mountain bike wheels. Open Preview See a Problem? Language Choose an option English German Clear. More and more rear wheels now are built “half-radial” with semi-tangent spoking on the right side and radial spoking on the left. Read a section from a heading to a heading — they’re all short, because Jobst doesn’t waste any words — and ponder his points on your ride.


Jobst Brandt-Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Bicycles and Bicycling (FAQ)

Brandt explains why swaged spokes which are thinner in the middle make more durable wheels than straight-gauge spokes, and shows why under jobzt circumstances it’s better to have more spokes that are thinner rather than a smaller number that are thicker.

These rims are heavier, too, all other things being equal.

I can now get a good idea of the quality of a wheel by looking at the parts its made from and plucking the spokes. Jan 08, Chris rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Cyclists who choose to build wheels often want biccycle more than ordinary, but just building wheels conventionally is not a trivial task if a durable wheel is the goal.

The spokes of the rear wheel changed angle noticeably, pinging as they rotated in the spoke holes of the hub, and ringing with rising musical pitch like an electric guitar when the player pulls up on the tremolo bar.

I’ve also read things like “radially spoked wheels give a harsher ride than a 3-cross pattern”, and “you should use Loctite on the non-drive side of a rear wheel to prevent it from coming loose”.

The Bicycle Wheel is an educational book that explains the structural theory of a wire wheeland teaches the practical methodology of building bicycle wheels. Doubling the number of spokes on the right side of a bicycle wheel might also be used to optimize tension — for example, a wheel might have 24 spokes on the right side and 12 on the left — though at the expense of special rim and hub drillings.

It you want information on whimsical patterns such as the crow’s footet. I learned how to build wheels by looking at a couple of how-to guides: There is a sizable minority of good wheelbuilders who prefer to go the other way around, and good wheels can be built either way.

One day, I just happened to be sitting on bicycls floor next to my tandem, glanced at the front hub and noticed a crack extending along the line between several spoke holes. Mar 30, Bill Seliger added it. This is not the case. If the freewheel side is jobxt tensioned, and the wheel is correctly dished, the left side will be quite a bit looser.


The product is already in the wishlist. No, it wasn’t Sheldon.

What you need to do is overshoot and backlash. Since front wheels are generally pretty trouble-free compared with rears, you don’t need super-high tension on a front wheel that uses a reasonable number of spokes. Based on years of experience, the author has divided the book into three parts. The Ford wheel has twice as many inboard jobsg as outboard spokes, optimizing the tension despite the different dishing. There are 4 different things that you need to bring under control to complete the job: Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools.

The hidebound rules of the U.

This is the first spoke to be installed in building the wheel. If the rim is off to the left, tighten spokes that go to the right flange and loosen those that go whel the left flange. The double bend allowed the spokes to be inserted “head first” into the hub flange, so that they could be used with normal hubs.

According to one report, this was from a stroke while he was in the hospital, rather than the crash itself — though he famously did not wear a bicyclee.

The Bicycle Wheel is a treatise on wheelbuilding by Jobst Brandt. Ark rated it it was amazing May 01, My take-away now with an improved understanding of why, and how it is bicyce by some other variables–such as flange height: He is not always right — but almost always.

If you are buying new hubs, the best value for the money, in most cases, is Shimano. Time to build my own wheels Jan 19, Andre Jute rated it it was amazing.