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Get the digital subscription of Bhrigu Samhita e-book in English by Pustak Mahal – Astrology book. Read online and download book in app to. Get the digital subscription of Bhrigu Samhita (Predictive Techniques Deciphered ) e-book in English by Sagar Publications – Astrology book. TM Rao Bhrigu Samhita Description: Bhrigu Samhita is an astrological classic written Documents Similar To Bhrigu .

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I have dealt with this subject under 4 headings starting from preface to general principles on various aspects that are essential regarding the positions of various planets with reference to each of the 12 signs from Aries to Pisces with special reference to the birth chart. Dear Gopal, I must congratulate you to do this exhaustive, elobrate research to write this blog.

Predictions Regarding Physique, Handsomeness, Will-power and Fame During the months when Moon occupies either Cancer or Virgo or Libra or Capricorn or Taurus sign, or when Venus occupies either Cancer or Pisces or Scorpio sign, it will give peace, happiness, handsomeness will-power and physical comforts.

Product details File Size: There is some divine intervention.

Book. Bhrigu Samhita – PDF Drive

Self-explanatory content well-segregated into various chapters would enable not only a professional astrologer, but also an amateur to predict with accuracy the future of the native samnita form an opinion as to how a planet is disposed in a particular nativity. It is here that I would hesitate since my own mind refuses to want to know my future in terms of negatives and mortality! Here lord of lagna is aspected by Mars, lord of the 6th and 11th. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He is Manasaputra wish-born-son of Lord Brahma, who simply wished him into existence, to assist the processes of creation.

Predictions Regarding Honour, Prestige, Faith, Big Business, Government and Society During the months and years in the calendar, when Mercury will occupy either Gemini or Virgo or Sagittarius or Cancer or Taurus or Libra signs, or when Jupiter will occupy either Gemini or Libra or Sagittarius signs, or when Moon will occupy Gemini sign, or when Mercury will occupy some degrees of either Capricorn or Scorpio sign, there will be progress in the above.

But the same can be corrected in the given manner, though the mistake might have occurred due to wrong watches or wrong calculations by the ones casting the horoscope or bhrjgu to the carelessness of parents to remember the exact time of birth.

It is stated that the permutations and combinations make it possible to prepare 45 million types of horoscopes.

Bhrigu Samhita – Kindle edition by Dr. TM Rao. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

The subject is short tending towards carpal Jupiter aspecting body, squarely built, fair complexion, broad forehead and a handsome appearance. If Jupiter is posted in a kendra position to Moon, it will ward off all evils caused by all the planets.


Mercury in the IOth in his sign or in his sign of exaltation being in kendra to the ascendant will also give rise to Bhadrayoga.

This will give rise to an excellent Dhanayoga which will make the native very wealthy and prosperous, and a man of high status, as obvious in the given horoscope which belongs to Pundit Motilal Nehru. The concentration of six planets is a sign that should be carefully noted. Mithun Diamond Pocket Books. If Jupiter is in the house of enemy or the house of a malefic or associated with malefics or in his sign of debilitation Capricornthe native will indulge in sinful deeds; he will have an unstable mind and a medium span of life.

The native is a businessman and is well-off in life. The invaders also captured these prime assets ofBrabmins.

This book is a concise version of the original Bhrigu Samhita. Thus all the three factors concerned with the 1st house are weak. In Navamsa Jupiter is the lord of lagna, Venus is in a friendly sing with exalted Mars. The mind is not at ease, as Saturn and Mars aspect the Moon.

Predictions Regarding Education and Children During the months and years in the calendar the planet Saturn when occupies either Aquarius or Gemini or Cancer or Leo or Libra or Sagittarius or Capricorn sign, or Mercury when occupies either Aquarius or Leo sign, or Sun occupying either Aquarius, or Mars when occupying either Scorpio or Leo sign, or Venus when occupying either Aquarius or Leo sign, or the Moon when occupying either Aquarius or Leo signs, the period will be beneficial in terms of education and progeny.

The native will be very fortunate and talkative. This is one of the astrological methods used by Bhrigu for finding out the events based on the nine planets and their position in each house with reference to each sign as an ascendant, which highlights the events of a native in his lifetime.

For example, the Moon is the significator of the 4 th house and hence if it relates to 4 th house, then irrespective of the possibility of the 4 th lord being weak, the native gains the happiness of house and vehicle. Predictions Regarding Age, Stomach, and Other Things helping the Life Course During the months and years in the calendar when Mars will occupy either Aries or Virgo or Scorpio or Capricorn or Sagittarius or Libra or Gemini or Taurus or Pisces signs, or when Jupiter will occupy either Aries or Scorpio or Libra signs, or when Moon will occupy either Aries or Libra sign, it will create the conjunction of progress and advantages in connection with age, stomach and other things helping the life course.


These dispositions indicate strides in career and lack of happiness. Finance, family, speech, treasure and bondage Illrd House: If Saturn is in the ascendant in the sign of the lord of the 4th or 10th, the native will be very fortunate and will enjoy the effects of Maharajayoga name, fame and wealth. Predictions Regarding Mother, Land and Buildings, Happiness and Peace The conjunction of progress, happiness and success in the matters connected with mother, land, happiness, peace and building will be acquired during the months and years when Jupiter will occupy either Sagittarius or Gemini sign, or when Mars will occupy either Gemini or Sagittarius sign, or when Moon will occupy either Gemini or Sagittarius sign, or when Rahu will occupy either Gemini or Sagittarius or Virgo or Capricorn or Scorpio or Taurus or Cancer signs in the calendar.

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Fleshy neck, fond of wealth and heavy gait are also the common characteristics. If Mars has the highest degrees followed by Venus and Rahu, the results would be highly different than Rahu having the highest number of degrees followed by Venus and Mars in the same house. His appetites are keen and his love of pleasure englieh. His height is average, face oval in shape and countenance thoughtful.

Leo lagna will be examined by the help of Cancer and Virgo. Radhakrishanan, the former President of India, is a good illustration of Bhadrayoga. He will be learned in Vedas and Shastras, fond of music, very patient, religious-minded, full of glory, wealthy and fortunate and his father will be long-lived.

His spirits are bhrgu buoyant; he is cheerful and full of geniality.

He will like to travel to many places. Set up a giveaway. Lagna is occupied by Mars and Ketu, and aspected by Rahu, which is not a very good combination for health.

The appearance is not attractive, probably due to Saturn aspecting Lagnadhipathi. It is amazing that some of the Brahmins bought tons of the granthas in loose papers from scrap dealers! Taurus or Vrishubha 3.

I have shown the written and video testimonies of two foreigners in Part One. It is said that there are general types of thumb impressions. Jupiter occupies the Ascending. Ketu will own either Aquarius or Virgo. Those born under Bhadrayoga will be strong, bhirgu have a lone-like face, well developed chest, well-proportioned limbs, he will be taciturn, will help relatives and will live up to good old age. If Mercury is in his owning Gemini or Virgo a powerful Rajyoga is formed giving bhritu, fame and wealth to the native.