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Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A hopeless unromantic gets a crash course in love in the fourth . Being Committed: A Novel [Anna Maxted] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editions. Being Committed. Paperback Being Committed . Anna Maxted · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from.

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Maxted doesn’t need an early summer release date to get books moving—expect this to hit bestseller lists as well as beach towels. Oct 07, Janel rated it liked it.

Being Committed by Anna Maxted

Nothing surprising or spectacular in the writing but it’s an interesting tale and the depiction of one of the side characters is probably the best I’ve seen for a narcissistic personality in anything I’ve read.

I love Anna Maxted’s writing style! Okay, I am going off onto something else here now. I’m a raddled old divorcee consumed with bitterness and regret.

The back cover claimed that this was Anna Maxted’s best novel up to now but when can you ever believe a book cover? It’s heavy and worth it for the story, if you can make it through the rest of the text. She has a steady job working as a private investigator albeit a mediocre one ; a devoted boyfriend of fiveyears, Anan and a wonderful relationship with her dad it’s a shame her mother is such a lost cause.


Being Committed Book Summary and Study Guide

Why do authors keep doing that to me? I found her inability to commit and stick to a decision terribly grating so that overshadowed any other of her personality traits. Dommitted are such lovely British men! But that just doesn’t happen in kaxted life, at least not overnight. Is she really the emotional retard that Jason thinks she is?

Jason agrees to give her another chance — butonly if she meets his terms, among them a promise todust off the many skeletons in her closet.

Preview — Being Committed by Anna Maxted. It seemed very long to me, and dragged a bit, and I’m relieved that I’m finished with it and can move on to another book.

Recommended to vwool by: Ocmmitted that time, she was married to Jack and cheated on him.

It’s relate-able but manages to avoid seeming tired. Not the best or the worst of the genre… it takes the female lead through various cmmitted hoops to her ‘aha!

May 07, Miss Michael rated it really liked it. Nov 19, Valissa rated it really liked it. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Being Committed

While I enjoy her writing mxted the acerbic humor, the drama of these women to overcome such incredible baggage can be a chore at times. The Best Books of Jun 25, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: I really need to start using my time for better things. The entire book is beinng just “what Hannah thinks about things” and it’s hard to stay focussed or interested. Sometimes it isn’t snaring a man that’s the problem but keeping him.


It definitely wasn’t terrible or anything but the plot was also a little weird. It took me a really long time to read. Once her past is revealed, her behaviour towards her mother completely changes and that happened too fast to be believable.

Committex tosses barbs like a champion darts player, and she paints a scathingly hilarious picture of her misguided but appealingly frank heroine.

And I don’t just mean with the plot. Although Hannah, the protagonist, is far from likable, she is undeniably hilarious, as are her romantic foibles and unlike the former novel, the supporting cast is pitched perfectly. So not too bad overall. Sep 01, Jessica rated it liked it. Cmmitted I enjoy her writing and the acerbic humor, the drama of these women to overcome such incredible baggage can be I enjoy Anna Maxted but the more I read by her the more I notice a sameness to her protagonists.

I thought this was a nice change of pace from Behaving Like Adults since the chapters were short and sweet. This book annoyed me! Anyhow there were some funny moments in the book, such as when Jason proposed to Hannah.