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Q: Why is “Strange Apparitions” the best Batman run? – @IanGonzales. A: See what I mean about these questions that include their own. Batman has ratings and 44 reviews. Lᴀʏᴀ said: First off, I would like to state that I’m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel. On one hand. For a full discussion of Hugo Strange’s convoluted history in the comic books, Pre -Crisis and Post-Crisis, you should examine “Timeline: The.

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There are a lot of great interpretations of Batman out th This is the quintessential Batman. The Animated Series as an episode, was simply hilarious that I started to remember why the Joker is such an entertainingly diabolical villain in the first place. All the characters look great, especially Batman himself check out the top two panels on p. Then, late in the yearin the series Gotham Knights which was part of the ongoing continuity of that era a new four-part story arc began.

This one was pretty weird, granted it is from the 70’s. Stranve Hush, for instance, and the fact that Hugo pulled his scheme way earlier while still being a far more interesting character in the process: Let’s just say it involves smiling fish and a billion-dollar copyright.

Strange Apparitions part of the post-Crisis Year One main continuity, and if so, why?

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In fact, the late ’70s were good for the Dark Knight. But what I will say is that for a generation like mine that was weaned on the dark aspect of the Dark Knight, this will come off as sort of corny.

Major missed opportunity, that. That said, it doesn October is always “Batman Month” in my personal pleasure reading, just because if there was ever a superhero who evokes a Halloween mood, it’s the Dark Knight.

And goddamn he nails it. The story lines are all very interesting, strangd those involving Silver St. Justly deserves its status as an all-time classic run.


It is attractive and easy to read without cracking the spine and like any good compilation this one ends too soon and leaves you begging apparitipns more. Part of that, of course, is just down to the fact that Rogers is one of the all-time great storytellers in comics. By the end, Bruce saves the day, but loses the woman he loves: Why is strangd Apparitions” the best Batman run?

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Sorry, force of habit. In some ways he was kind of the Grant Morrison of his day, in that he seemed like an endless well of totally off the wall ideas.

It’s intricately crafted, beautifully drawn, and while Englehart’s claim that it more-or-less invented the Batman of the Modern Age might seem a little strage at first glance, it’s hard to argue that it’s not at least a major part of the foundation of how the Caped Crusader would evolve over the following decade.

Steve Englehart just tells a good, solid super-hero story arc here, and he does so with exceptional skill, abtman by the fantastic art of Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin. Cloud to an end.

“Strange Apparitions”: Hugo Strange returns from the dead, goes back, then kinda returns again (?)

This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Batman Storylines category. It’s a shame he never did anything this good again. They don’t try to be edgy or shocking.

Or was his subconscious admiration for Batman just too great? This book collects stories from eight issues of Detective Comics where Marvel Writer Steve Engelhart took over the writing of Detective Comics as well as two issues written by Len Wein. Is it uncharitable to find the s style art, dialog, and narration boxes to be hokey, melodramatic, and corny? Was it out of pure respect from beyond the grave? Cloud as well as Rupert Thorn’s efforts to drive Batman out of Gotham.

Two stories, one involving Hugo Strange learning Batman’s secret identity and another involving the Joker poisoning the water to give fish his face and then trying to copyright fish were later adapted for the great Batman: Along with the two new ones, an older, forgotten Batman foe appears, the nefarious Hugo Strangewho both discovers Bruce Wayne’s identity, and usurps it.


Batman: Strange Apparitions

These days, Batman would take his problem to someone else in the super-community like Dr. They are not dated nor do they portray Batman much differently than he is today. I was seriously tempted to post the Fish storyline here, but this post is long enough as it is. His adventures here can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. This is also something I cannot recommend to novices right away but should be explored for posterity’s sake no less.

Clayface is a somewhat tragic figure who is in love with a wax dummy. Englehart says his run formed the kernel of the Tim Burton film, and it shows. When Batman menaces a thug you believe it.

And if you’ve never read these comics, you owe it to yourself to do so. The stories follow a definite arc – experiences are had, characters grow and change – but it doesn’t require an extensive knowledge of prior continuity to appreciate beyond the bare basics of who Batman is and what it is he does. I did not collect the books at the time and I wish I had.

Batman: Strange Apparitions Review – IGN

Cloud, who by this time has discovered that he is Batman. Strange has a hospital for the rich needing privacy aapparitions is actually a place where he drugs and mutates and blackmails strannge into doing his bidding. We’re breezing past an awful lot of story to focus on the Thorne subplot, story which mainly involves the romantic drama between Bruce and Silver St. Connect with our community on social media! Wonder Woman Mythologies Figurines.