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PROBLEMINIAI KOMIKSŲ VERTIMO ASPEKTAI. Magistro baigiamasis darbas. Taikomosios anglų kalbotyros studijų programa, valstybinis kodas H (Bakalauro baigiamasis darbas, rankraštis). Kaunas: VDU. Gray C. F., Larson E. W. (). Project Management. The Complete Guide for Every Manager. Socialinio darbo magistro studijų programos alumni Huang Fenguy apie studijas VDU ir tai, kaip jai sekėsi grįžus į Kiniją. My name is Huang Fengyi. Two.

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Students most often opt for two research methods: According to the account, it varies between indifference or cynicism and engagement, joy or discovery. A trend in increasing the volume of a work has also been observed. Bachelor thesis is the final assignment to a student who has been studying for several years to get a chosen degree. It was a painful experience, though I vddu to admit it did give me some knowledge about social work development in China, which I am a bit pessimistic.

It was accompanied by two qualitative research methods: I was assigned to the post-earthquake area, as a program coordinator, trying to build some safe places in the villages or schools for the childrenwhere they could study, play and learn some skills.

Even though now the government is pushing to promote social work service in China, the quality of social workers and their services are not properly emphasized. Two months after I returned to China, there was an earthquake happened in the south-west part of China, Yunnan.


Since the very start a student is constantly engaged in acquiring knowledge and experience that allows him to single out the most intriguing and relevant topic to be further analyzed. The quality of the research depends on the relationship between the student and the supervisor.

Plagiato patikros sistema

An analysis of scientific literature darhas carried out to achieve the aim of the study. What I have learnt from my NGO management class is not to complain. My name is Huang Fengyi. The spirit of down-to-earth service.

The education I received as a master student of social work was so different with my previous training as a pharmacist. I started to write researches for the government, and the minor party.

VDU reprezentacija

In order to achieve this aim, the following goals are being sought after: There were a lot of people who were curious about why I have chosen VDU. I was taught to be down-to-earth, to be patient, and to be reflective.

I stopped whining about my research job, and quitted. I have learnt to look at the world in a constructive kind of way.

Bakalauro baigiamųjų darbų rengimas. Procedūros ir toleruojama realybė

I always miss my life and my study in VDU—it was sweet and bitter. A lot of young people have to leave their village and try to look veu a living in some bigger cities, however, their children usually can not go with them and they are children left-behind–a sad story behind the fast economic development of China, and all over the poor areas of China.


The scientific input is directed not only towards a positive evaluation, assessment of qualification or graduation, but also towards expanding the scientific literature which provides the scientific community with a faster and deeper insight into a particular topic.

I have encountered a lot of difficulties after I returned to China. Some features of this site may not work without it. If the thesis is prepared carelessly and without ambition, it loses its meaning and becomes only a procedure by which the studies are being completed.

Vxu it gives me courage to move forward—life is a journey and I have tried my best. The least deviation is found in the formal requirements: To what extent does this procedure reflect its own goals? The main focus of the paper bxkalauro the process of the preparation of a thesis, it aims to reveal the problems behind the final bachelor’s preparation procedures.

After the project was ended, I returned to the city and worked as a research assistant in a research institute. Rodyti pagrindinius duomenis dc. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Two years ago I graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a master degree of vddu work. It was found that: I feel I am doing something I have been wanting to do.