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A Review of “Baal” [by Robert McCammon]. When I discovered Stephen King in the summer of , I quickly became obsessed by the man’s. McCammon’s new novel The Border is out very soon from Subterranean Press, but here’s where it all began back in ; Baal is a very. Robert Rick McCammon (born July 17, ) is an American novelist from Birmingham, However, Baal, Bethany’s Sin, The Night Boat, and They Thirst were recently re-released by Subterranean Press as limited edition novels. In a

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While it’s not Boy’s Life or Swan Song, it still was a good read. Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here The book is well written, though from the beginning I feared I was reading an “Omen” rip off.

Oct 18, Steven rated it liked it Robet One of the ways he might have done this was through emulation, hence a book like Swan Song.

If you’ve never read McCammon’s work, this is perhaps not the best place to start, but it’s well worth circling back to once you’ve digested some of his more mature works. If you like hardcore action, then this is for you.

Baal is McCammon’s first novel published way back in Not quite as exciting as I hoped it would be, but not terrible either. Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot. Granted it’s brilliantly written, but it’s a rehash and remixing of all of the other antichrist movies and books. He takes a good long while to get to the point of a scene which slows down a lot of the action I admit here to not having yet read Intensity and even King pointed out he over-moralizes a lot in his fiction, letting the message dictate the jccammon of his stories.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I recommend this novel as a M OMG!

Robert R. McCammon’s BAAL

I first read it inwhile stationed in Germany. Coming out as it did during the Carter administration, the Middle East sections must have been effective at the time, and they are still rather effective over thirty years later.

They got packed away in boxes, and never made it onto shelves, and never got re-read. And please, please, for Tom Cruise’s sake, do not make this the first McCammon book you read. Too Much Horror Fiction. Still, worth reading for McCammon’s fans who haven’t checked this out. While there is one long narrative regarding a recent murder, it is the individual vignettes along the way that make this book remarkable.

If it’s of any interest, I log my rankings of McCammon’s work — http: Because I believe he can do a lot better. That’s a demerit, too, but one that is wrapped inside a plus: She’s saved in the nick of time, but gets strange burn marks all over her body. I cant say enough about this work or this author but these truthful words: When I’d done so, I then re-read them all, and next began looking around for something similar.


What’s worse for me about that is I tend to a agree with him a lot, although also seem to be, well, less of a wet blanket about it McCammon definitely does not deserve that “poor man’s Stephen King” albatross hanging around his neck.

In my opinion, Speaks the Nightbird is his best work. Dispatches From the Last Outlaw.

Anonymous June 8, at 5: What’s the worst part about humanity? I keed, I keed When I discovered Stephen King in the summer ofI quickly became obsessed by the man’s work.

Baal by Robert R. McCammon

I also very much loved his baall of short stories, Blue World. You literally feel like your dying of thirst and your skin is blistering, but the transformation into Part III is hurried and muddled.

The violence is excruciating and the generation of what would become a severe battle between good and evil magnificent.