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Stolen Car. Archie Weller. -. -. In , as editor of Identity magazine, Jack Davis advertised a short story contest which was open to all Black Australians. Over. Hey all, Continueing on from my last blog post, the next text I will review is not a poem, but a short story. Stolen Car was written by Archie Weller. Archie Weller has positioned me to feel sympathetic for the main The cultural code is a main code used by the author in “Stolen Car,”.

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Colors are explained as a kind of an electromagnetic phenomenon.

Reading Response – Stolen Car | Esyms’s Blog

These colors are created through wtolen light reflection that tends to be flashed on a arcgie thing that our eyes see. My personal response to this text was rather distressing. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As a result of accepting the preferred reading, I took a sympathetic view of the injustices faced by Aboriginal people, even though I personally have never dealt with these sorts of issues before.

However, the author has positioned the police — or white people in this case — as bad characters so that the reader will take up the dominant reading that aligns with his values, attitudes and beliefs about discrimination.

Although written in an unconventional and simple way, Stolen Car is archir excellent piece of literature. This was something that I was unaware of prior to class discussion. The material on this page is available to AustLit subscribers.


The fact that the story of the text is also primarily concerned with young people and their actions, and offers a closed resolution, would also appeal to senior school students. In addition, I think that some excellent opportunities lie within analysing the use of figurative language, I would think something a bit creative like a response in poetry or song form could be good.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Whilst the author wrote this story inI could not help but recognize that thirty odd years later our Indigenous people archir still being treated with the same level of disrespect in many areas of Australia. The text represents the social system of the arcgie and it is clearly evident through the construction of power that the dominant race were the White Australians.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Johnny had completely changed character into something he had never known before.

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The story starts with Johnny, an innocent Aboriginal country boy from the bush, starting off on an unknown journey into Perth. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All Materials are Cataloged Well.

On a denotative level, it simply describes a living being. Notify me of new comments via email. The police bully and harass him as he finds himself incriminated as an accessory to multiple crimes. My first reading, although invited, was a little chaotic.


A collection of black australian writings pp. This site uses cookies.

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Stolen Car (Archie Weller) | Essay Example

If, according to Moon45 figurative language is used to embellish ordinary language to make readers work harder to find meaning then I was struggling with this reading for stoleen cause.

What I did bring was an ideology that believes in equality and respect for all human beings, and a sense of justice. References — Moon, B. All of the non-indigenous characters were read as being racist, completely disinterested or savage in their treatment of Johnny. Eloisesmith1’s Blog Just another WordPress. Color can be use to aid living things. Although, a teacher must take into account that this text should only be studied with mature students due to the texts use of course language and violent themes.

Hey all, Continueing arcihe from my last blog post, the next text I will review is not a poem, but a arcjie story. One strategy that could be useful for students, wtolen expose them to the use of binary oppositions within a text, and particularly Stolen Car, is to make a list of opposite words used throughout the story.