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1 APPA N/N DIGITAL MULTIMETER INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. SAFETY 1 2. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2 3. PANELS . APPA N, N Conversion Type: (AC + DC) True RMS reading on AIR CONDITIONING mode. ACV subsp. + % + 8 d. Input Impedance: 10 m?// pF. Centenary Materials — We offer quality service and products: APPAN APPA APPA_Series Digit Multimeters.

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Precautions and safety information Specifications. Buzzer beeps once for every key-press.

Goods from other countries The instrument enhances More information. To get the best service More information.

V3 Thank you for purchasing a Sealey product. To avoid damage to the surface of the meter, do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning agents. To avoid fire hazard, use only the fuse type and rating specified for this product.

Sell Digital Multimeter APPA

True RMS mode indicator. To avoid electric shock, do not operate this product in wet or damp conditions. Caution, risk of danger. Indoor Use 2, m ft. Black labels are the initial settings, blue labels are selected by the blue button. Distribution level mains, fixed installation.


For best measurements, with mode on nf ranges. When store is full, Every press beeps twice. The following list provides a comparison of the features between meters.

Main display unit indicators. Buzzer beeps twice for every invalid key-press. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Specifications are subject to change without More information.


Precautions and safety information Specifications Performance test procedure Calibration More information. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you. Low voltage resistance indicator. The Model provides three test ranges plus continuity More information. Pause and Log Rate setting quantities are 3. Separate the top case and PCB of meter. Pause time is seconds, exceed pause time stores as seconds.

Multiply the digit accuracy by 2 107m F. Limit large current measurements 10 to 20A to 30 seconds and allow two minutes of cooling between measurements. Precautions and safety information Specifications Basic maintenance More information. Part No Part No.

Be sure More information.

Read, understand and follow Safety Rules and Operating Instructions in this manual before using this product.!

Compliance was demonstarted to the following specifications as listed in the official Journal of the European Communites: Only wholesale in stock from producer with price shipping from other countries. Compare Specialized automatic titration Kit Titrion for scientific work In stock.


Specifications 17n subject to change appw. Precautions and safety information Specifications Performance test procedure Calibration.

Follow step 1 to step 4 described in Battery Replacement. SAFETY Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and prevent damage to this product or any products connected to it.

Page 24 Functions with count mode divide the [ number of least digits ] by 10 when on count apppa, in addition DCV to add 2 more digits on every ranges. LCD display with dual numeric readout.


EC Declaration of Conformity To Compare the Products. To avoid injury or loss of life, do not connect or disconnect probes or test leads while they are connected to a voltage source. Remove the battery from meter.