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APNA BHAI DOGA. Code: SPCLH. Pages: ISBN: Language: Hindi. Colors: Four. Author: Tarun Kumar Wahi. Penciler: Image Studio. Apna Bhai Doga by from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Cash On Delivery!. Free Download and Read in pdf, cbr format “Apna Bhai – (Doga Comics)” here absolutely for free.. Read and enjoy the comics with high.

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Now, Raj Comics is also publishing Digest consisting of sets of comics of Doga. To end the pain and guilt he suffered since childhood and avenge the deaths of his close ones, Suraj concealed his identity behind a dog mask, adopted the alter-ego of a ruthless and feared vigilante named “Doga” and set out to cleanse his city of crime and corruption, starting by massacring a local street-gang.

Thursday, 25 September comic bahut hi acchi hai aur sahi direction me aage badi hai Doga learnt boxing art from him.

Doga on Raj Comics calendar. Khair asli baat par aata hoon, is comics ki story mujhe achchi lagi, khaaskar iska presentation, koi melodrama nahi, kahani bilkul samanya tarike se aagye badhti hai jaisa ki samanya jeevan me hota hai, mujha ye baat achci lagi, kyunki is type ki kahani likhna risky kaam hai tabhi to art film commercially flop hoti hai.

Free Download: Apna Bhai – (Doga Comics) PDF, CBR | FullFunCity

A champion sharp shooter. Sunday, 14 December Apna bhai doga ka 3rd part kab aaraha hi koi bataega Ashish dubey. While in Halkan’s care, the child witnessed endless horrors that would ultimately lead to his becoming a sociopath.

It was revealed in a comic “I Love You” along with a novel by the same name. Blood man puri tarah se doga ko apne jaal me fasa leta h.


Production was expected to begin in the middle of the year Deeply disturbed and traumatised since childhood, Doga is a cynical and brutish, yet idealistic vigilante who believes in “uprooting the problem rather than solving it”, and does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt and twisted. He killed Killota’s gang and further set out to become a one-man army against organized crimemainly in Mumbai.

Adrak also means Ginger.

Last of the brothers. Jis tarah se bloodman doga ko fasane ke plan bana raha hai aur usme kafi had tak kamyaab ho raha hai usko dekhkar bolna padega – Maan gaye ustaad. Most appropriately classified as a vigilante superhero, Doga wears a hound like mask and inflicts terror in the minds of criminals by his generally destructive modus operandi.

In end the comic is very good. But then, not every comic can be like Nikal parha Doga!!! Dogs are also scary and are usually kept for protection. His first name is revealed as Suraj, although his surname has yet to be specified. Thursday, 25 September Good comic after a slow Doga hindu hai comic. Suraj was the only survivor of a carnage perpetrated by hired goons. The plan of bloodman was very good. Mujhe lagta hai ki doga ki rakhtdaan series ke har comics ko rate karnba is series ke saath nainsaafi hogi iisliye main poori series ko rate karunga Wednesday, 24 Dogga bahut achhi story hai,blood bank vala plot kafe achha hai,sabse zyda interesting seen tab tha zab doga keval tamasha dekh raha tha,aur lomri use vahaan se bacha kar le gayi,lekin baat yahhan par rukti hai ke doya doga sach mein lomri ka khel khtm kar dega,its a suspence artwork good inking average,kuch jagah achi nahi thi story tremendous atin.


Doga (comics)

It’s in the 2nd half of RaktDaan series that the story actually picks up Doga is considered to be among the three most popular comic leading characters bhqi by Raj Comics due to his huge fan following, the other two being Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva.

Eventually he escaped Halkan’s den with a kidnapped girl Sonu.

Doga’s special characteristic is his renowned hatred for crime and criminals. Doga has no special powers except that he is able to communicate with Dogs who help him gain information as he travels the sewers of Mumbai.

Free Download: Apna Bhai – (Doga Comics) PDF, CBR

Doga ki conditin ye hoti h ki sab kuch uski aankho k samne ho raha hota h aur wo kuch v nahi kar patat h. Views Read Edit View history. Artwork bhi accha hai. Now it’s upto Doga how he can solve the problam. After Nikal parha Doga, expactations have raised from Doga and storilines need to be much more intense. Raj Comics Comic Genre: There is however a different story behind the name “Doga” which appeared in one of his comics.

Monday, 22 July story thik dhang se aage badhti hai Read and enjoy the comics with high resolution and clear fonts. Because of his one-man army and brave image the people of Mumbai call him ‘Mumbai ka Baap’ Daddy of Mumbai. Most appropriately classified as a vigilante superhero, Doga wears a hound like mask and inflicts terror in the minds of criminals by his generally destructive modus operandi.