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Fill Apd 5a, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and PD A Rev * Page 1 THE NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT IS AN EQUAL. Browse and Read Nypd Apd Forms. Title Type what forms a right triangle PDF classroom forms PDF printable will forms PDF printable w4 forms PDF tpapn. I didnt do the APD when I went to see her. She made me call 3 references on the initial interview and i did it. All I was missing was the.

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Get the apd 5a form

Login or Sign Up. How do I fill it out? I mean what part is my responsibility? Just the top, or the whole thing?

Do i call a reference and ask all the questions??? Is it 1 person 3 copies hypd 3 people 1 copy a piece? Is this the form that I am supposed to ask my neighbors to fill out? I filled out the top information about me and had my neighbors fill out their information and answer the questions.


Done January here I come!

PO Applicant Forms – NYPD

At the medical they told us to give them to references. Ah, this process can drive one insane!

I still have copies so maybe I’ll just have my neighbors fill them out too. At the mini medical, officer said any references except co workers and relatives.

So I guess neighbors works too but friends would give more detailed, positive feedback since they know you well- unless your neighbors are your best friends. Of course I had a co-worker fill one out too! I’ll just get my neighbors to fill them out to play it safe. I keep hearing different things regarding the APD At my medical they told me that I can’t have city, state, or federal employees fill it out either!

While this topic is still up I dont have this nyypd. BI didnt provide it nor initial medical. My BI specifically told me neighbors, not references. I guess it might be different for each investigator then.

Applicant Forms

Yeah one of the officers at the medical told us to give it to references. I haven’t met my BI yet but I’m on the same list as you.


I’ll probably have me neighbors fill them out too, just to wpd it safe. Do you know the answer to my above question? About the investigators name on the bottom of the form. Originally posted by tallkid View Post. I thought BI had to call each of them and ask questions and fill them out as they answer each questions?

That is what officer at mini medical said also. I have a feeling that this is not a yet official mendatory nhpd that needs to be completed before hire because some BI’s doesn’t even want them, especially if your exam is older one and your file has been submitted already.

Exam List 8?? Completed Social Media Check: Most users ever online was 19, at