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I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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Picking up folded slip from table with free hand it is apparently passed to the other and given to some one to read, hut nothing is passed and the annemannn reads the contents which always names the card the spectator drew.

Each parly knows his or her card by the number. The performer now apparently reads what is on card but really reads what is on the card on the stack.

I contend that this bartain as direct an exhibition of apparent thought reading as can be presented, that is, outside of a GENUINE demon- stration, which at present is impossible. Each one of these faults has been eliminated entirely. Now lift left hand up towards you so lie can- not see face of lop card and make this move apparently bringing another surface up. Running through his own deck, the performer picks one out and holds it up with the hack to the audience.

Annemann In this efl’cct, the performer illustrates lliiil even darkness can- not impede his powers. Holding it message side down he puts it into the center of the packet which is kept tightly squared. This is particularly true for mentalism books. The entire working of the feat lies in a small packet of blank business size cards.


Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects by Ted Annemann :

Do not pass this over because it is on one sheet. Pick them ofl’ hand and lay on your open left hand and writing is now on the bottom card against your hand with numbered end nearest voar body.

Performer holds the packet in left hand, and has the written card returned face down on top and the spectator then cuts it to about center. Stating that you will baggain how close you have come, the envelope is stuck under left thumb on top of packet nearest you a ecfects and right picks up pair of small scissors and clips oil” end of envelope.

The cards are then laid with the writing side down in a row upon a table annemabn stand. The block of glued cards should be just as thick as the mirror. Hand the spectator a card from top of packet for his drawing. Ask party to hold out his hand, and very deliberately deal them onto his hand singly and remark that only two are used and not three as some think.

Mental Bargain Effects (Theodore Annemann)

A book covering the most important knowledge that a magician needs. In drawing ,ental the cards may he placed on the floor in full view and this further prevents any possible mishap because of the cards being so far below the line of vision.

Have pad in right outside coal pocket, writing side of pad against body.

Previous methods required a planted question, they could not be mentall as read, and you needed an extra dummy blank question for the last one. The performer asks him to think first of the color, then the suit, and lastly the. First soak a playing card in cold water for about twenty minutes, If the card is soft you can now peel or split the card in two.


Taking back deck, performer opens case and takes deck out facing him nearly all the way, and getting a Hash of the name of selected card kicks the face card of deck back into case with thumb and the case is laid aside. Have a few matches on table for convenience of sitter.

Now turn paper and again tear through the center. Now for the climax! Dec 6, A new surface will lie before you on which you mark figure 15 and then lower hand so that all may he seen fair. Walking away the performer requests the spectator to name his card for the. The lack of cumbersome material or apparatus, the cleanness of the working, and the general effect of this trick make it one of the most perfect of its kind ever conceived.


Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

Just one trial will convince the most skeptical performer that here is a real dark room mystery that will fool every lime. Is it a good source for a novice mentalist? Mention the two cards in hand, carelessly showing top and bot- tom of the two together and spreading them apart so top of lower card is seen.