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View our feature on Douglas Hulick’s Among has been a member of the Kin for years, rubbing elbows with thieves and murderers in the employ. Drothe is a Nose, an informant who finds and takes care of trouble inside the criminal organization he’s a part of. He also smuggles imperial relics on. An exciting new fantasy debut in the underground world of thieves.

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World-building in Among Thieves is nicely balanced. Dune Dune Chronicles, 1 by Frank Herbert. Yep – this is good stuff A lot of sword fights, and they do go on. He even looks after those he holds power over; specifically a family of renters in a building he owns. When his boss calls upon him to track down who is crossing him in the slums of Ten Ways, the mysteries soon collide and Drothe realizes that something big is going down.

I feel sorry for him. We have had far, far too many of those over the years Aug 08, Preview — Neuromancer by William Gibson. King of the Bosporus” by Christian Camero Sep 18, I think author Douglas Hulick did an great job showing more of the working thifves Drothe as being a man then being a anti-hero.

Open Preview See a Problem? This can include training in things like long sword, pole arm, rapier, pugilism, Irish cudgel fighting, Victorian cane fighting, and so on.

Hopefully he can find a place where he feels better, and can eventually get back to it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The city of Ildrecca is a dangerous, beautiful and organic place.


I can never keep kin etiquette straight. The world is well defined, the concepts of the Degans was unique and dramatic, the people and places all well fleshed out, the history of the world done enough to give a feeling of reality. Among Thieves though is the story of one Kin in particular, thievex Nose named Drothe: In fact, all it offers is a very refreshing epic told from one viewpoint instead of multiple viewpoints.

Douglas Hulick

Eventually I got around to picking it up, and boy am I annoyed that I didn’t sooner! Quotes from Among Thieves. The guy has been beaten to a bloody pulp and yet still will not talk – tjieves simply does not happen.

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Among Thieves (Tale of the Kin, book 1) by Douglas Hulick

The book just got so Drothe is exactly the kind of character I love to read about and I can’t I loved this book. And the average person does not have, or encounter it. As I said, Douglas Hulick is definitely a contender for the best debuting author of the year. Preview — Hulkck by Frank A,ong. His narrative had me glowing in pleasure, and the insights into his thoughts gave him a real depth of character. Not bad for a debut fantasy novel! View all 4 comments.

Because of his imperfection and nine-lives and deep seeded sense of honor made Drothe very appealing to the reader. This isn’t force fed to the reader but given in snippets through Dorthe’s own monologue. And these Kin have territories and our hero seems to be the intelligent lieutenant of a mob boss of a territory. And the good news is – not only does he sit amongst these names comfortably, he is indeed a contender to the crown.


The US version see below will be published on April 5, via Roc. Topics Mentioning This Author. He is a Nose; a sniffer of information, middleman, and two bit smuggler. Depression and anxiety do seem to be common among writers and similar creative types.

If anything, it reminded me of Brust’s Taltos series – if written by a high schooler. There were a lot of fight scenes, as the author is – uh, well, read the author profile, maybe. The book begins by thrusting you right in the centre of the action and from there it simply doesn’t stop.

Drothe is a witty, funny, and likeable character despite the fact his business is usually involves torture and murder. There are so many cool and intriguing things in the world of Among Thieves.

Douglas Hulick – Wikipedia

Drothe is not untouchable once he draws his rapier, he gets through most of his fights by luck and relying on his infinitely more skilled companion Bronze Degan. Lo A fantasy set in the city of Ildrecca, where the law abiding citizens and the criminal Kin exist under the control of the latest reincarnation of the immortal emperor. Douglas Hulick Goodreads Author. The writing is incredibly readable, the action scenes flow well, there is always another piece of intrigue to add stakes and tension before anything drags.

Apart from Drothe and his engaging first-person narrative, what I love most about Among Thieves is the fast-paced, well-executed story.