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Flutter has ratings and reviews. Kim said: I’ll be honest and tell you that I pretty much skimmed through the last 15% of the book because I g. Latido / Flutter by Amanda Hocking, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Latido by Amanda Hocking, Isabel Murillo Fort (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Good luck with telling that abomination why she can’t go to parties. I still want to know how it all turns out.

She supposingly loves Jack, but ends hockkng nearly biting Peter after playing kissy face with him. Well, the author does it again and I amandda have come to really not like Alice.

I know there must be something special about her. Alice’s constant back and forth between Jack and Peter makes me want to slap her. Why she would think it was a good idea to kiss Peter is beyond me, and why he would feel it was a good idea to tell Jack that they kissed in the way he did is baffling. I don’t usually pay attention to reviews, but in this case, I should have. I hate possessive characters in books as well as real life.

Latido / Flutter : Amanda Hocking :

Ok, so I’m just going to start by saying that I have this problem. My Blood Approves 5 books. Better than the last one but the main character still annoys me with her inherent oblivious-ness I am aware that’s not actually a word. She’s such an airhead and so full of herself, and Jocking really don’t know what people see in her.

Latido / Flutter

There is a major development to the story line as new characters are introduced, offering even greater back story and character depth. Everyone is heading in different directions at the endand it will be intersting to see how it all pans out. That’s not really an emergency Mae. Her character has evolved and is growing however not enough for me. Involved with a vampire named Jonathan. Alice, Peter and Ezra return only to find their happy home has changed in more ways than one.


Too often someone speaks “not unkindly” or curls a lock of hair behind an ear, or asks “are you coming with?

Mejoro bastante hoccking a los 2 libros anteriores de la serie, creo que a la mitad de este libro habian pasado mas cosas que en los 2 anteriores juntos. I have mixed feelings about these books. In the meantime, Mae’s nervous breakdown is still going downhill I felt like slapping herand I understood she turned her great granddaughter into a vampire because she didn’t want her to die.

Preview — Flutter by Amanda Hocking. Alice volunteers for a rescue mission with Ezra. PaperbackSecondpages.

Alice’s “best friend” is someone she doesn’t even seem to like, and who doesn’t seem to like her. Ezra is about to go off on a mission to find and save Peter from himself.

Other books in the series. On a positive note, I love how Milo’s character is blossoming. Her love life, however, lives a lot desired. I have such a mixed opinion on this series. Alice is now a vampire, and she and Jack are a couple. All that said, in my opinion, strong feelings of any sort toward characters in a book means that they’re well developed, at least mentally and behaviorally, so the fact that I can’t stand a couple of the characters may actually be a good thing.

There are many, many grammatical and editing issues in these books, and they are a bit distracting. The main reason I have no desire to continue is that I seriously can’t get past the horrible editing and grammatical errors in the series, but this book in particular. Y por fin aparecieron villanos lo cual agreg Mejoro bastante respecto a latiido 2 libros anteriores de la serie, creo que a la mitad de este libro habian pasado mas cosas que en los 2 anteriores juntos.


My problem is that when I start a series or trilogy or just a book with a sequel, I won’t write my review until I’m like finished, because I just cannot stop reading for the like of me.

Nachdem Alice zu einem Vampir geworden ist, verkompliziert sich ihr Leben weiterhin. Even better, there is a lot less whining from Alice in this one.

This third book renewed my intrest in the series. Milo nearly kills Bobby by draining his blood. Last I checked the correct word is dragged not drug when describing the act of pulling Honestly, I thought the story was ok enough to read three of the books in the series but I’m not interested enough to continue.

Milo almost hocklng his boyfriend, Jane almost got killed by her boyfriend, Peter almost got killed by a rogue vampire pack, Ezra almost got killed by said rogue vampire pack. Peter returns lahido with them and the love triangle is still a big issue.

Also, the fight with the Lycans was very Twilight-ish. Her next books will be a duology about Valkyries.