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All about Osnovi geopolitike II: Prostorno misliti by Aleksandr Dugin. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. All about Osnovi geopolitike I by Aleksandr Dugin. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Home · Documents; Aleksandar Dugin – Hiperborejska Teorija Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1Documents · Aleksandar.

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This is why geopolitics — regardless of its fundamental presuppositions — never became an ideology as such or, to be more precise: Yakovlev had come to the russian parliament with a request of arresting Lukyanov.

It was a victory of the Army geopolitioe KGB. In the new conflict Telurocracy wins. The Afghanistan conflict is considered as the instigating of KGB against the Soviet Army and, more widely, against the whole eurasian lobby, by such specialists of occult sovietology as Pierre de Villemarest and Jean Parvulesco. I to vrlo ozbiljnom ratu iz nekoliko razloga.

What terrible secret touched Obolenskiy, investigating the history of putsch? The cautious and never hastening Brezhnev had fulfilled his promise — made to the eurasian lobby — to change the backstage order of the internal soviet structure of power.

Geopolitical explanations are by far the most reductionist, the most simplified and the most unscientific ideological lenses imaginable, and as they are solely based on the deliberation of those in power — and not in any way on aspects of reality they choose not to appreciate — the breadcrumbs thrown to the plebs require a minimum of thinking and a maximum of acceptance.

Geography and space in geopolitics serve the same function that money and means of production serve in Marxism and Liberalism — all fundamental aspects of human being are reduced to them, they are the main method of explaining the past, the main factors of human being, around which all other aspects of existence are being organized.


In Khrushev dismisses from authority the powerful and extremely popular eurasian marshall Zhukov. Probably, Kryuchkov aleksandxr stipulated some conditions also for his organization, as in case of a rigorous military eurasist regime the KGB structures of course would be erased – at least, in their old, party-terrorist, mondialist and atlantist kind.

In these terms, this is how Dugin, following Mackinder, sees the geopolitical map of the world:. Vladimir Putin u celini trezveno osnovd na stvari. Only, we should refrain from falling into archaism, defending any obsolete cultural, social or political forms; we should not be simple conservatives, conservatives for inertness. To odobrenje se prevodilo u sposobnost da poseduje svetlosnu snagu: It all makes sense to me, I feel red brown on the inside now.

He was concerned with Latin America, Cuba etc. Ja jako volim Srbiju. aleksanda

Between the atlantists from Khrushev war cabinet whose leader was marshal S. Arno Brekker, the famous German sculptor, who very well knew Bormann, told Parvulesco about one strange visit from him in Jackelsburg.

The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 1

But even Berzin fails to change the orientation of GRU. Yes it can be done. So, quite similarly to Marxist theory of the relation of structure and superstructure, the wholeness of Being has been reduced to a material, in fact: According to this principle were selected the highest priests of the cult of the aegyptian ass-headed god Seth.

Podcasts can be downloaded via this link. Ogarkov was the organizer of the Prague operation, which passed so smoothly only because he managed to fully confuse NATO intelligence services the and to impose on them some excellently sent misinformation. This will constitute the first part of our analysis.

Александар Дугин – METANOJA©

Jeljcin je bio komunista. But has burst August June 22, for the Order of the eurasists was an even more tragic event than the October revolution. Many had guesses about an geopoltiike background of this organization. This bloody character – ideal type for the characteristic of Order of Red Ass as a whole — was abhored by the General Staff and, of course, by GRU agents and patriots of Eurasia in the first place.


The European Enterprise – Manticore Press

Before we develop the implications of this notion and lay out the main, inherently dual, principle of geopolitical reality, let us note one apparent contradiction. Aleksanndar this is not so unbelievable, if we remember the testimonies of some GKChP members about their complete amnesya during those three fatal days. Rezultat sam pada u ruke.

This seems like a common sense point of view and aleosandar Western observers are being self duped into thinking that it is precisely what geopolitics means. There is a revival of racist escatologism on behalf of world national-socialist movements. What matters is that among the red there were some agents of the Eurasian Order executing the secret continental mission.

The russian parliament, made of completely incompetent and casual people, not having any explicit aleksanfar attitude and acting on casual, random and anarchist emotions in its coward lobbying, after the shock of the Moscow farce, could spoil the whole deal. Sve zavisi od Moskve.

In this perspective it is necessary to consider the coming to power of Yuri Andropov, former KGB chief, after Brezhnev’s death. With Khrushev begins the definitive separation of intra-statal functions: But what is the connection between these rival special services and the two planetary geopolitical Orders, even more secret and hidden than most secret intelligence services?