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Imam Ibn Kathir,Al-Bidaya wal-Nihaya Urdu Translation (البدایة و النھایة، مصنف امام ابن کثیر، اردو ترجمہ). Tareekh ibn e kathir (ibn e kaseeer). (Al Bidayah Wan Nihayah) urdu translation. تاریخ ابن کثیر ترجمہ البدایہ والنہایہ. By: Hafiz Imaad uddin Abu al Fida Ibe. Urdu. حافظ عماد الدین ابن کثیر کی شہرہ آفاق کتاب ‘البدایۃ والنہایۃ’ کا اردو قالب . Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End) by the renowned.

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But there are among uedu those who purchase idle tales Lahw Al-Hadith without knowledge or meaning to mislead men from the Path of Allah and throw ridicule on the Path: He Uthman came to Madina and prepared a delegation and sent it to visit Yazeed so that it can give Bayah to Yazeed.

Al-Bidaya wal-Nihaya Urdu Translation (Tarikh Ibn Kathir) 16 volumes – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

We would ask actual Sunnis to go and ask your imams whether a man that does such a thing is a fasiq transgressor or not?

Blinded by his love for his son, he was willing to impose his demonic fasiq son as the Khalifah over the Muslims. Hence to suggest that his dear father had no idea that his son possessed bad traits is an utter lie, after yrdu he was the King over the nation who kept news of all developments throughout his empire.

This is part of Sunni doctrine. The dispute is over whether he [Yazeed] was a kaafir. The niayah has then used the alleged comments of Muhammad bin al-Hanafiyah to prove that Yazeed was a pious person.

Many Companions gave him the allegiance as well. So the lies became bigger and bigger as time went on, to the degree that in the 21st century Yazeed is even hailed as a Santa-Saint by the modern-day Nasibi camp amongst Sunnis.


Now we have these Nasibi such as Afriki and Sipaa-e-Sahaba are praising a man who was so filthy he indulged in incest to wl his lusts, and these Nasibi deem him to be the lawful successor to Rasulullah s.

A unique feature of the book is that it not only deals with past events, but also talks about future events mentioned by Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him until the Day of Judgment.

We will discuss the alleged tradition seperately in another chapter. Or should we blame the Muslims in general for turning their backs on religious righteousness? Sahih Al Bukhari Arabic Price: Here one khalifa is condemning his two predecessors.

He installed positions in order to stone the house of Allah, he was the one who martyred Abdullah bin Zubair [ra] the grandson of the first caliph Abu Bakr [ra]. The verse clearly guarantees Imamate to be administered, but NOT to those that are unjust. Ibn Masud commented about the Ayah: He was the one who brought the army to storm Madina and destroyed it during the incident of Hara, and he dishonored the mosque that had been founded on the basis of Taqwa and which has been referred to as one of the gardens of heaven.

Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah (Urdu)

He disgraced the honor of the Prophet s and then became proud irdu it and stated: When the head of Husayn asthe grandson of the Holy prophet sawswas presented before Yazeed he recited the couplets of the kaafir Zubayri:.

He [Mu’awiya] performed actions that you are all aware of, and he is suffering in his grave for that. We appeal to our readers to ponder over this reference carefully. Latest shiapen No public Twitter messages.

Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah (Urdu) | Books — Muflihun

In his deeds he followed the Seerah of Pharoah, nihayab Pharoah was more just to his own subjects. Imam Dhahabi has recorded the statement of Abdullah bin Hinzala al Ghaseel in the following manner:.


Do the Ansar team live on another planet?

bidayan After citing the above cited traditions, Imam Dhahabi then gave his own verdict regarding Yazeed that has also been recorded by Allamah Ibn al-Emaad al-Hanbali d. It is also a lie that Yazeed was an alcohol drinking person.

We congratulate Azam Tariq the pride of Lut, who is advocating the piety of Yazeed, and deeming him to be a legitimate Imam.

Can he be an Imam or not? Yet Sunni Islam is content to believe that they were one happy family. There are yet no reviews for this nihaysh.

Islamic History

Ziyad was not receptive of this since he knew that he [Yazeed] was fond of hunting and had done bad deeds. Al-Hafedh Abdulghani Al-Maqdisay says: Just register and log in for an unparalleled shopping experience….

Before we unveil the evil character of Yazeed, let us first cite the daring claim of Nasibi author:. Shia Pen Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on our new publications. Availability Few in stock. Such ridiculous dogmas exist because the whole structure is based on a fundamental lie and injustice: Yazeed gave them gifts but despite this, when the delegation returned, it expressed negative things about Yazeed and said: Statement Shia Pen is a volunteer project and is not linked or biddayah with any kind of organisation.

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