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Nathaniel Rich reviews book Angry Black White Boy: Or, The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay by Adam Mansbach; drawing (M). Intersection for the Arts’ new play “Angry Black White Boy,” based on local author Adam Mansbach’s celebrated novel, blasts through. Adam Mansbach’s Angry Black White Boy Adam Mansbach’s novel Angry Black White Boy, or The. Miscegenation of Macon Detomay. In light of the recent .

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I have the opposite reaction.

But in the end, what they had to say, in all its semi-stilted silliness, was more interesting than my discomfort. I settled in for what proved to be an engrossing story and curiously cognizant tribute to Ellison, Wright, and the Notorious B. Not just another proud black man trapped in the body of a white mansbacb at Columbia, Macon Detornay is something like the reverse invisible man.


He robs the fares in the back of his cab with impunity, because the face they see on the other end of blackk gun is black by association. This bugs Detornay even more than the sense of privilege he is ostensibly hijacking.

Four days into his crime spree, his motivation changes. As the curtain closes on scene one, Detornay has his finest moment:. I thought I was going fucking insane here. Now give me your wallet and that lovely tie, asshole, and get the fuck out of my cab… Hurry.

Angry Black White Boy

Before you forget what I look like. Angry Black White Boy acknowledges the assimilation of hip-hop culture by whites with a mix of resentment and resignation. As an editor, novelist, poet and recorded rapper under the name of Kodiak Brinks, much of whose work is apparently sampled by Detornay, a poet himself, yoMansbach has staked out some artistic turf.

If the dialogue between Detornay and his college-brothers sometimes strikes a false chord, the rhetoric that spews from their unctuous Intro to Black Studies professor, the self-proclaimed “Academic Gangsta,” is bona fide — evidence blac Mansbach has clocked some time in the post-modern anngry of hip-hop and identity.

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In part two, our Angry Black White Boy gets busted, but his media-savvy roommates Nique and Dre step in to turn his felonious aggression into a national debate. Within 48 hours, packs of misguided white folks are trekking to Brownsville to pay penance avam his proclaimed National Day of Apology.

Bookslut | Angry Black White Boy by Adam Mansbach

Its hilarity is studied and each fantastic flight gets a counter-punch: Only God is that forgiving. As the curtain closes on scene one, Detornay has his finest moment: Take a good look.

What fucking color am I?