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AA. Published June, OfficeConnect®. ADSL Wireless Mbps 11g Firewall. Router User Guide. Model WL 3CRWDRA 3CRWDRB- User manual for the device 3Com 3CRWDRA Online user manual database. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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AB Published August This guide contains the instructions you need to install and configure your Router. In the modern business environment, communication and sharing information is crucial. Computer networks have proved to be one of the fastest modes of communication but, until recently, only large businesses could afford the networking advantage.

Connections can be made directly to the Router, or to an OfficeConnect Switch or Hub, expanding the number of computers you can have in your network. An active ADSL subscription and connection. A Web browser that supports JavaScript, such as Netscape 4. Only use the power adapter supplied with this Router. Do not use any other adapter. If the LED is off, there may be a problem with the power adapter or adapter cable. Introduction This chapter will guide you through a basic installation of the Router, including: Please read the before you start.

Water or moisture cannot enter the case of the unit. Air flow around the unit and through the vents in the side of the case is not restricted. When making connections, be careful not to push the unit up and off the wall. Only wall mount single units, do not wall mount stacked units. Before you Install Before you install and configure your Router, you need the following your Router additional information.

This configuration is typical of cable connections.

Powering Up the To power up the Router: Router 1 Plug 3crwvr200a power adapter into the power adapter socket located on the back panel of the Router. Router to communicate with the Internet. The Router has the ability to dynamically allocate network addresses to the computers on your network, using DHCP. However, your computers need to be configured correctly for this to take place. To change the configuration of your computers to allow this, follow the instructions in this chapter.

Disabling Web Ensure that you do not have gude web proxy enabled on your computer. Make sure that the Use Proxy Server option is unchecked. Accessing the The Router setup program is Web-based, which means that it is accessed Wizard through your Web browser Netscape Navigator 4.

To use the Setup Wizard: Refer to 2 Launch your Web browser on the computer. Select the country you wish to configure the Router for, then click Apply. If you purchased your Router in the United States, you do not see this screen, as it is automatically set.

Accessing the Wizard 3Com recommends entering a new password when setting up the Router for the first time. The Router is shipped from the factory with a default password, admin. Password is case sensitive. Write the new password down and keep guie in a safe place, so that you can change your settings in the future.


Before setting up your Internet connection mode, have the account information from your ISP ready. Enter the subnet mask given by your ISP. The router passes traffic through to another device, usually a computer or a router, which handles authentication with the ISP.

The largest available continuous IP pool will be automatically entered; if this is not appropriate, make your required changes. Router to automatically select an available channel when first powered on.

Up to 32 case sensitive characters can be entered for the Service Area Name.

Click Finish and the router will reboot now. Navigating This chapter describes gyide the screens available through the Router Through the Router configuration pages, and is provided as a reference.

To get to the Configuration configuration pages, browse to the Router by entering the URL in the Pages location bar of your browser. Figure 26 for example.

3Com Network Router 3CRWDRA User Guide |

The Notice Board is used to display firmware version and configuration warning messages. For example, you would be warned if you had disabled wireless networking or wireless encryption. Refer to Chapter 4 for information on how to run the wizard.

And there is for the router available addresses in the network.

Check this box to make the device act as a DHCP relaying agent. Wireless Settings The Wireless Settings menu provides options described in the following sections.

To improve the security of your wireless network, 3Com recommends that you: Change the SSID from its default value 2.

If you enable encryption on the Router, you must reconfigure your wireless PCs to use exactly the same Encryption Type and Keys otherwise the devices will not understand each other.

Click Save to save the setting. Changing the values may lead to unexpected blockages of traffic on your wireless LAN, and the blockages might be difficult to diagnose. On the other hand, data traffic type is delay-tolerable, but requires loss-free transmission. So you may adjust theses parameters with regard to the characteristics of these types of data to better manage your network flow.

Wireless Settings priority, and hence the more capacity share for a given traffic condition. However, the probability of collisions increases when operating with smaller CWmin. These parameters can be used in order to differentiate the channel access among different priority traffic.

Each station maintains a Contention Window CWwhich is used to select the random back off counter. The BC is determined as a random You may enter a maximum of 64 PCs in the list. Click Save to save your existing configurations or Cancel to discard all changes.

The list is only created when Wireless Networking is enabled. Wireless Settings Auto-Fallback feature. Auto-Fallback will negotiate the best possible connection speed between the Router and a wireless client. The default value is Auto Default. Transmission Power Transmit Power Control The greater the transmission power used, the larger the area a wireless network covers. To minimize the likelihood of eavesdropping by unauthorized wireless users, do not use more transmission power than necessary to cover the range needed by your wireless network.

If you experience a high packet error rate, you may slightly increase the Fragmentation Threshold. Setting the Fragmentation Threshold too low may result in poor network performance. To configure this function correctly, you obtain the information from your ISP.


Figure 41 Virtual Servers Screen Virtual Server Activating and configuring a virtual server allows one or more of the computers on your network to function as a public server. For example, one of your computers could be configured as an FTP server, allowing others outside of your office network to download files of your choosing. For example Internet Telephony or Video conferences require multiple connections.

Firewall 5 Click Apply to save the configuration and apply the changes. You do not need to configure these as Special Applications. Only one guidw on your network can use the special application at any one time. SPI also guude TCP and UDP session information, including timeouts and the number of active sessions, and provides the ability to detect and prevent certain types of network attacks such as DoS attacks.

Use this feature if you want the router to send you an email if a DoS attack has attempted.

3Com 3CRWDR200A-75 Network Router User Manual

Do not adjust these settings unless you are confident in your reconfigured settings. You can subscribe to the 3Com Content Filter Service, which enables you to block or allow the URLs of a number of pre-defined categories. To activate the day free trial of the service, you must first The Content Filter screen displays. You should exercise caution when choosing a keyword as many keywords are contained within other words.

For example, filtering the word sex would filter the following example URLs: System Tools Restart Figure 49 Restart Screen If your Router is not operating correctly, you can choose to restart the Router by selecting Restart the Router, simulating the effect of power cycling the unit. No configuration information will be lost but the log files will be erased.

The time zone setting is used by the system clock when displaying the correct time in the log files. You will be prompted to download and save a file to disk. Restore Configuration Data If you want to reinstate the configuration settings previously saved to a file, press Browse to locate the backup file on your computer, and then click RESTORE to copy the data into the Router’s memory.

Figure 52 Upgrade Screen The Upgrade facility allows you to install on the Router any new releases of system software that 3Com may make available. To install new software, you first need to download the software from the 3Com support web site to a folder on your computer. Once you have done this, select Browse to tell your web browser where this file is on your computer, and then click Apply. Advanced Selecting Advanced from the main menu displays the following seven tabs in your Web browser window: Static Route The Router supports static route functionality.

Select the Static Route tab to display the screen.